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8th December 2021

Supply Teaching In The UK & Ireland – What’s The Difference?

Choosing where you want to work is just as important as deciding what you want to be when you grow up. Working in Ireland will keep you close to family and friends and allow you to grow your career on home turf, whereas making the move to teach in England will give you a unique breadth of experience that will benefit your career in both the long and short term. Here we break down what supply teaching is like both at home and in England, so you can make the most informed choice possible.  At the bottom, you’ll find ways to connect with us and access all the support that we have on offer for our candidates.


How do you get substitute work in Ireland? 

  • Sign up to subseeker/teacher connect through the INTO
  • Contact local schools with your CV (during COVID – best to email). 

Called ‘substitute work’ classed as a ‘substitute teacher’ and paid the substitute rate which is €176 per day for primary and €41.85 per hour for Secondary – information on pay rates can be found here for secondary schools and here for primary.  There is no guarantee of work or pay each week, it really is on a case by case basis.

Covid has heightened the need for sub teachers in parts of Ireland so although teachers for sub work are in demand these posts are to cover short term absences for covid/maternity leave or sick leave etc.

Generally, if you have been called for substitute work you will be given your timetable for the day and the list of documents for the classes. Sometimes there is work left for the class by the teacher to complete, but this is not a guarantee, in this instance, it’s always good to have appropriate online and hardcopy resources that you can use to keep students engaged and to ensure they are kept busy!

Sub work in Ireland offers teachers the variety of working in different schools and different classrooms. It means you are adaptable and often, some of these short stints in schools can turn into long term cover for those that are passionate and make an impression on the school. 

Sub work can be a very enjoyable and character-building experience for a lot of newly qualified teachers. The downfall that many Irish teachers experience is the lack of security, which is quite different when working with Engage Education in England. 


Register with us! 

Due to the nature of supply teaching, supply teachers are paid on a daily basis. In inner London, supply teachers on the main pay scale can expect to be paid between £110 and £220 per day. In England and Wales, the daily rate is between £100 and £160 per day. For up-to-date pay scale information, you can visit the NEU website’s ‘Daily Pay Rate’ tables.

At Engage, we offer our best supply teachers Secure Guaranteed Pay (SGP) contracts. Working as a SGP supply teacher is a different way to work, giving you the chance to teach in a variety of schools and have financial security at the same time. We pay you a guaranteed amount each week – whether you work or not! This offers you greater flexibility and financial security when making the decision to relocate.

This type of contract for supply work always receives great feedback from the teachers we work with. It is an option that is quite alien in Ireland. SGP is a fantastic way to immerse yourself into the culture of schools in a new country. 

The daily responsibilities of a supply teacher in England are very similar in Ireland. There would be work left for students to do with the supply teacher ensuring students are engaged and learning is taking place. Supply teachers would have a lot less planning, assessing, and reporting to do than those teachers in long term/ permanent contracts. 

At Engage, we have a network of over 3,000 partner schools who have a need for teachers to fill their short- and long-term supply vacancies. This network of great schools ensures that we are always in the best position to provide you with reliable and satisfying supply work. Many teachers who start working on supply contracts secure long term or permanent employment from their experience of a supply day. For overseas trained teachers, it gives a chance to experience the new educational system and get to grips with teaching life in England – offering you the best chances of securing long term employment in a school that you really love!

Teachers Come First With Engage

We make sure that all teachers are paid in line with national scales, and we will negotiate on your behalf with any school you are placed with to ensure you receive the daily rate you deserve. Join an agency that understands your value


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