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James Cooper
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Having joined the company in April I was excited to attend our May iday event.

I’d heard lots of stories about the excitement and energy of the event and I was keen to experience it with our Irish teachers.

It started with us meeting the teachers in the airport. They were full of both excitement and nerves, some of them hadn’t visited London before so they were eager to see the sights! On arrival to the hotel, we got to meet with the Canadian and Australian TACs, and teachers. The teachers went on a tour of London, exploring the area and their possible new home. That evening the teachers had a talk with the lovely Eugene, who went through some interview prep with them before the big event the following morning.

Monday morning arrived and the teachers were looking dapper. I was so excited for them. Having taught in the UK for 4 years, I know how great this new adventure will be for them. As we arrived at the iday venue, the teachers and I were impressed by the extravagance of the hotel and the rooms.

I met the consultants and I was given a tour of where the schools would be. I can honestly say I’ve never attended an event organised and ran as well as iday. Throughout the day the teachers grew in confidence and it was great to see the positive feedback they were getting from the schools. These teachers are coming from countries that have a lack of teaching positions; where they apply for numerous jobs with no responses. To meet Head Teachers that were so complimentary of them was a massive confidence boost. As a TAC, it was great to see. At the end of the day, we all went for a wonderful Italian meal and the teachers were buzzing from the day’s event!

On Tuesday the visits to the schools were really informative for the teachers and gave them a real insight into UK schools.

By Thursday the teachers had done all their interviews and were ready to return home that night. This for me was the best day. Rachel and I were able to give the teachers their feedback. They were so happy and we were so happy for them.

As a TAC, it was a week to remember. As a teacher, I can imagine it was a week they will never forget, full of every emotion that you can think of, nerves, excitement, fear, happiness and pride.

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