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2nd January 2018

How to become a teacher in the UK!

How to become a teacher in the UK!

We work with teachers across the globe, from Alberta all the way to Queensland, and everywhere in between. There are loads of reasons to teach abroad for a year or two, and it’s easier than you might think! We’ve helped 102,437 teachers find work – something we’re really proud of.


The first place to start is to understand whether your qualifications are recognised here in the UK – once you know this, you can begin your adventure. The National College for Teaching and Leadership offers help on how to apply for ‘Qualified Teacher Status’, you can use this if you trained in Scotland, Northern Ireland, the European Economic Area (EEA), Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States of America (USA). Head over to their website here to read more and apply.


There are two main types of visas that allow you to work in the UK; the first is a UK Ancestry visa. You’re able to get hold of one of these if you’re a Commonwealth citizen, you currently live outside of the UK or if one of our grandparents was born in the UK. Decisions on this type of visa take around three weeks, and it costs around £490. The second type of visa is a Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme Visa. This allows you to live and work in England for up to two years! You can speak to any of our offices if you need advice on the best kind of visa for you – everyone that works in our offices in Ireland, Canada and Australia have all lived and taught in the UK, so they know exactly what to do.


Think you need to fly here to interview at schools? Think again! We have lots of ways you can meet prospective employers from the comfort of your home. Telephone and Skype interviews are popular for teachers looking to relocate at any time in the year. We also offer iday – a week-long trip which costs you nothing but your time. At iday, we’ll fly you out to England to interview, teach in and pick your favourite schools. If you’re looking for a more flexible approach to work, you can teach daily supply or join our Secure Guarantee Pay supply scheme.


Relocating to another country is a daunting prospect, but it’s something we’ve been helping people do for 9 years now. Our support goes beyond simply finding you a job, we help you with everything else that comes with it; from opening a bank account to finding housemates and a place to live. Ask us today about a free career planning session and how we can support your move to the United Kingdom.

Join Engage to fast-track your career

Irish teachers working in England can experience much better job opportunities and faster career progression than they might expect in Ireland. In addition, Irish teachers who register with Engage receive comprehensive relocation support from our Dublin-based team of former teachers from the moment they get in touch.

To secure reliable full-time work in England, register with Engage Education.

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