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22nd November 2017

Dear Diary, a day in the life of a teacher

Dear Diary, a day in the life of a teacher

6 am – Up up and at ‘em! I must admit, I feel a little tired today.

7 am – Arrive at school, make a cuppa tea. This is vital for happiness

7.15 am – I warily check my emails for any upcoming meetings or alerts

7.25 am – Get all of my paperwork sorted for the day (pray the photocopier works)

7.30 am – Time to finish and check today’s lesson plans

8 am – Time for a quick brew

8.15 am – Staff meeting, whoops nearly forgot (again)

8.30 am – Class begins, the whole reason I’m here, to teach

8.35 am – Ah enter the late students, classic

9.30 am – Repeat classes

10.30 am – Break time – hooray! (unless I’m on break duty in which case, I really hope I brought a brolly!)

11 am – Two more classes until lunchtime

12 pm – Lunchtime. This usually means eating whatever concoction I threw together from last night’s dinner and the remains of my fridge

12.15 pm – Rest of lunchtime. Again, I hope I’m not on playground duty…didn’t bring my umbrella and my hair has already suffered enough for one day

1 pm – Afternoon classes begin for the next couple of hours

3 pm – The last lesson of the day, come on!

4 pm – Bus duty; one of the least glamorous parts of the job. I’m stood in the rain, and yes, I still haven’t got a brolly

5 pm – So I can stay here for an hour and get my marking and admin done, or head home early and put the feet up…

5.45 pm – Ahhhhhh pyjamas and a cup of tea. Made the right choice today, I’ll catch up on my marking tomorrow.

Every teachers’ days are different – some have meetings, some have parents evenings, some have extracurricular activities to do some days. Regardless, teaching is something we all do because we care and we want to inspire and educate the youth of today. Sometimes it’s tiring but it’s totally worth it.

What do your teaching days look like?

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