A wonderful testimonial from Aoise, an Irish teacher

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A wonderful testimonial from Aoise, an Irish teacher

In 2015 I finished my teaching degree and was finding it tough to find a decent job anywhere in Ireland. At the time I had little interest of moving abroad but having spoken to some friends who had worked with the Engage, I thought what harm?

After chats with Rachel, I soon realised this was worth giving a shot and was flown over to the UK to do interviews for schools. The IDAY alone gave me such invaluable experience, as having just completed teacher training, I had no idea how to act in a ‘teaching interview’.

Fast forward to September 2015, I was working in an academy in Bournemouth, and while this came with its own challenges it was the best decision I could have ever made. I did a whole year, full time and was essentially running the Spanish Department as well as teaching French to a high level.

As well as this I gained so many new skills from the extensive CPD I was doing on a weekly basis (which I would never have gotten in Ireland) – and I learned how to really collaborate.

3 Things delighted me about the experience:

– Firstly, I decided after a year I wanted to go home to my family in Ireland. Finding a job was no difficulty. I was commended for my interview technique and was told I had a proven ability to teach and care for students.

– Secondly, I had no issue getting my NQT year in the recognised by the teaching council in Ireland – yes I had to be organised and ensure I had sorted the paper work before leaving the UK. Once this was sent to the teaching council approved me and gave me my full status.

– Lastly, I had my years in the UK recognised and added to my increments on the Department of Educations pay scale, meaning I went right to point 2 instead of being on point 1!

Overall it was a truly invaluable experience, and to this day in interviews, I am commended and told how obvious it is that my UK experience was of such benefit to me. As a new teacher starting out, it is the ultimate way to jump start your career.

After two years I have just accepted a job in a really lovely school teaching both my subjects full time, with major prospects for permanency. I fully believe this wouldn’t be the case if I hadn’t contacted Engage Education two years ago.

Thanks to all at Engage for the support throughout the year!

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