How we prepare for iday

Posted by Nina Boniface
02 November 2016 |
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In Canada, we’re super excited about iday. We love gathering our teachers at the airport and flying to the motherland with them. It’s a big week for us. Before we get our teachers on a plane to interview in London, here’s what the Canadian team does behind the scenes!
Meet the teachers
We network, connect on social media, attend university job fairs, and perform info sessions. We provide teachers with information on how we work to get them interviewing with headteachers, securing positions, and moving to the UK. It’s busy, but we love meeting teachers from across the country and telling them about ourselves. All of us have taught overseas, so swapping stories is all in a day’s work
Interview selection
Once the dust settles on career fair season, we get in touch with new registrations and schedule interviews in person or over Skype. We make sure to have candidates who are flexible, adaptable, and capable of taking on their own classroom. After checking out their qualifications, experience, and references we can offer them a place on one of our iday trips – then the real fun begins!
Documents, Documents, Documents!
Flying to the UK to interview is no small feat. We need to get all our ducks in a row – and by ducks, we mean paperwork. After filling out oodles of forms, declarations, travel itineraries, etc… we are finally ready to book some plane tickets.
Bags packed, ready to go!
We send our teachers a packing list and make sure to follow it ourselves. A full week of interviews and lessons means some professional dress, as well as comfortable clothes to wear on the plane. Passport, chargers, and outlet adaptors are a must. Travel-size toothbrush, toothpaste, and shampoo… and a trip to the currency exchange is important to get some cash to spend.
Time to fly!
Travel information is sent out in advance. Then we meet our teachers at the airport and gather everyone together. Once everyone is assembled, we make our way to our gate and get on the plane–it’s like a giant field trip!