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27th July 2021

How To Stay Fit And Healthy As A Teacher

Teaching isn’t the job for those that like to spend their working day stationery. Primary teachers probably cop the most exercise during the day with playground duty and escorting pupils around school, but even Secondary teachers can easily average 15,000 steps a day.  It’s really vital to look after your health and wellbeing in order to be the best teacher you can be – you’ll need all the energy and stamina that you can find every single day!

The Gym

People tend to fall into two categories when you mention going to the gym. Either they already have enthusiasm for it, or they are the sort of person that can’t imagine how anyone can enjoy working out in a public environment. Even if you don’t like the idea of doing free-weights in front of half of your town, there are lots of other benefits that come with joining a gym. You’ll usually get swimming included and have the opportunity to test classes or even one-on-one training. You can usually get a free trial at most gyms – make sure you enquire before laying out for a year’s membership!

Try A Step Counter

You might have one on your phone, but the type that you wear on your wrist can be more accurate. Healthy adults should be aiming at 10K steps a day and most teachers should find this easy to achieve. Having a step counter gives you access to interesting data about your exercise which you can use to make lifestyle improvements – many come with apps that also track other elements of your fitness.

Join A Local Team

Whether you have fond memories of playing Goal Attack in your high school netball team, or you fancied yourself as a professional footballer, team games tend to fall by the wayside for adults. Many sports have local networks of teams that include league games and social events – it’s a fantastic way to get fit and meet people, perfect if you’ve recently moved to a new town! Try searching Facebook for details of your local sports groups.

Eat Right

If you have to teach your pupils about nutrition this year, make sure you are practising what you preach! Teachers need lots of slow-burning energy to keep them going throughout the day, so make sure you eat a hearty breakfast full of slow-release carbohydrates. Try porridge, or baked oats with different toppings to liven things up – we especially like dark chocolate & raspberry, or lemon and raisins. You might be lucky and get a decent lunch in school, but if not, becoming a whizz at batch cooking and making exciting lunches out of leftovers will keep you from ordering a last-minute Uber Eats. Check out our Pinterest board full of lunch inspiration here.

Get Remote

Online workouts have really come into their own in the last six months, as technology catches up with the needs of those stuck at home during the pandemic. Fitness influencers and companies such a Peleton have taken advantage of the trend for staying at home by coming up with exciting new ways to interact with clients remotely. If you prefer a more personal experience, look for local practitioners that come highly recommended! Yoga, HIIT, Aerobics and Zumba work really well this way and sessions often take less time than attending a centre – perfect for busy teachers!

Sleep Well

It isn’t possible to write an article on teacher wellbeing without mentioning the importance of getting a great nights sleep. A tired brain struggles to concentrate and your recall and retention start to suffer with just a few hours less sleep than you are used to. Use your summer break to catch up on sleep, ensure you get a lay-in at least one day of the weekend and make sure your bedroom is a calm space where you can truly relax.

MAke Small CHanges

There are lots of little ways you can make sure you are working towards a positive relationship with your wellbeing and fitness. Shoes that offer your feet a suitable amount of protection and support will make a huge difference to how you feel after a long day – keeping an upright posture will also help avoid back pain and neck aches. Drinking enough water will keep you alert and hydrated, and making sure you have suitable snacks with slow-release energy will go some way to keeping you going all day!

DON’T FORGET! Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Find out about support available to teachers.

However you manage your own health and fitness, you’ll soon discover that teachers who prioritise their health and fitness have more energy and are able to deal with the challenges that the role can throw at them more easily! We’d love to hear what you do to stay fit – catch up with us Twitter.

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