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19th September 2019

How to move to the UK to pursue a teaching career

The UK remains a top destination for teachers from around the world who are looking for international work experience. With world-renowned schools, history everywhere you look, a globally-influential culture, and mild climate with beautiful geography, this island country provides a rich environment, full of teaching inspiration.

If you’re thinking of moving to England to teach, we’re here to help you make your decision — and can even help you move if you decide to!

What qualifications do I need to teach in England?


To work as a fully-qualified teacher in a state school in the UK, you must have a teaching degree and Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). To work in an independent school or an academy you don’t necessarily need to have QTS, but most schools will expect you to, so it’s a definite advantage to take the QTS assessment.

You can either have an undergraduate teaching degree, such as a Bachelor of Education (BEd) or a postgraduate teaching degree – such as a Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE).

How do I get QTS?

If you have prior teaching experience in another country, you can take an assessment-only route to QTS. At Engage, we can arrange your assessment-only route to QTS, while you are working in a school. If you do not have prior experience as a teacher but you do have a teaching degree, you will work as a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) for a year and then undertake your QTS assessment.

Other qualifications

As well as your teaching degree, you must also have met the minimum requirements in GCSE English and Maths – or the international equivalent. The minimum grade is a C/Level 4 or above, and if you want to teach primary school (Key Stages 1 and 2, or ages 5 to 11) you must also have a GCSE (or equivalent) in science.

I’m qualified – how do I make the move?

At Engage, our first step in helping you make the move to the UK is to help you find your teaching position. We can do this by flying you to the UK to participate in our award-winning iday event. (You will meet and interview with multiple schools in the UK, with Engage covering the cost of your flights and accommodation for the week.)

If you are unable to attend a physical iday event, we can arrange for you to attend a ‘virtual iday’, where we will match your goals to various schools in the UK and arrange for you to interview with them via video conferencing software.

Whatever you choose, we will provide you with interview preparation and advice, and we will give you feedback after your interview has taken place. Your dedicated Engage consultant will be on hand at any time to assist you with any questions.

Once you have secured your role, we will help you to arrange your new accommodation in the UK, help you with all your documentation, set up a bank account, arrange travel from the airport, and even give you a £1000 relocation bonus to help you find your feet in your new home.


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