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19th December 2017

Why were they your favourite teacher?

Who was your favourite teacher?

Understanding your purpose in your working life is not always easy. Like many things in life it needs a mix of things to make sure you make the best decisions possible:

1. Everything needs a little bit of experience.

2. A deep understanding of what makes you happy.

3. Imagining the working day to day that you want to create and why.

Asking yourself Why based questions is always a challenge but also very rewarding. By asking Why questions you are delving into your unconscious mind where your habits and behaviours sit.

For some context, asking What questions is your conscious mind, it’s easier to answer – What movies do you enjoy? Vs Why do you enjoy them? The reason being is that our brains operate with maximum efficiency, 92% of all you do is not conscious, like making a coffee or dressing, you don’t have to think about that or a million other actions every day, if you did you’d never make it out your front door! With this in mind Why questions help you explore the real you.

Try thinking on these for a day or two and see what you can discover:

1. Why do you teach?

2. Why does your student performance matter to you?

3. Why do you want to help educate people?

And one combo questions:

What is the Why of your happiness when it comes to your working life?

Part of this is understanding yourself and knowing what makes you the best version of yourself you can be.

When we asked around our office:

Why were they your favourite teacher?

These were our most common responses from 27 people:

“They helped me understand what I could become in life.”

“They made learning easy and fun.”

“They helped me understand I was wasting my talent.”

“They related to me and made me feel like they care.”

What kind of teacher do you want to be?

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