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James Cooper
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Close your eyes and imagine. It’s August, you’ve just moved to a new flat in Clapham Common, the sun’s out. Sounds great right?

Well, it can get better. Imagine you’re about to start a new teaching role in a Secondary school near your lovely new flat… This is the kind of experience 94% of iday attendees have – yep, 94%. That’s how much success people have from it.

Up until your move, we support you with every aspect of relocation; we help you with accommodation, we help you find friends, we help you with banking and we’ll introduce you to the UK curriculum and make sure you’re super prepared for your new role. Our job is to take the stress and anxiety out of relocation.

Once you start your new teaching role, your day may go a little like this…

GO GO GO – Arrive at school, make a brew and make sure your lessons are planned for the day ahead. You might also have a morning meeting.

ATTENDANCE – Take your students attendance, it’s kind of a big deal knowing who’s turned up or not!

TEACH – This is your time to shine, inspire and teach.

LUNCH – it’s super important to keep energized throughout the day, make sure you get a nourishing lunch

ADMIN – You’ll probably have some admin to do, marking students work, review your TA’s daily tasks, prep your classroom for lessons.

TEACH – Afternoon classes now!

AFTER SCHOOL PREPARATION – Prep is key – get marking, reflect on the day, clean up your classroom and get everything in order for another day.

DINNER – Yep, dinner is as important as lunch

RELAX – It’s key to have a good work-life balance. Make sure you catch up on some telly or read a chapter of your book. Winding down is super important.

BEDTIME – Catch enough zzzzzzz’s every night. It’s the best way to make sure you face each day with a positive attitude and a smile on your face.

Every few weeks we’ll invite you to social events or free CPD sessions, we’ll also catch up with you regularly to see how everything is. We’re always striving to ensure our candidates are supported in their new lives, especially when they’ve moved here from another country. We’re only ever a text, call or email away.

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