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5th August 2020

What Funding Can I Use For Training Graduates?

In an uncertain job market, graduates leaving university and looking for a career are turning to teaching in much larger numbers than we have seen over previous years.  The government reported this week that Teacher Training applications were up 65% and we have definitely seen this rise in applications to our own salaried teacher training course. Teaching offers a stable career path with room for personal and professional growth  – an attractive prospect for grads who may be seeing fewer opportunities in other areas as the economy moves into the recovery phase.

Trainee Teachers can work in classrooms assisting the class teacher and provide individual tutoring outside of the classroom environment – government guidance has expanded the role of graduates in classrooms to facilitate closing the attainment gap. You can read the recommendations here!

For schools looking to fund new hires, graduates could be a solution. There is plenty of support available through government schemes to offset the cost of recruiting individuals fresh out of university, this blog covers two options and provides further reading for those working on closing staffing gaps in schools before September.

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Funding Graduate Hires Using The Apprenticeship Levy

The costs of training and assessing new teachers in your school can be covered almost entirely by the money in your apprenticeship levy service account. For each teaching apprenticeship, £9,000 will be withdrawn from your school, trust or local authority’s levy. This means that schools will only have to cover recruitment and employment costs during the course – trainees on the teaching apprenticeship programme must be paid at least point one of the unqualified teacher scale.

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Funding Graduate Hires Using Government Funded Schemes

A recent report released by the Education Endowment Fund, a government backed organisation focused on closing the attainment gap created by COVID school closures, recommends utilising the £650million catch-up fund to hire graduates to provide additional tutoring and one-on-one teaching to pupils who have fallen behind. Research shows that children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds are less likely to have had access to learning opportunities during lockdown and could require significant ‘catch-up’ tutoring in order to reach expected attainment.

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We can help you to plan your recruitment strategy for the next school term. Our expert consultants have been working with our partner schools to develop effective tuition and intervention with the least financial impact on the school and we are able to help you to build long and short term intervention strategies that fit the individual needs of your pupils and school.

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