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6th July 2021

What Can You Do With An English Degree?

Congratulations! You’d finally been awarded your degree and you’re now ready to leave education and embark on your chosen career. If you have always had a career ambition, you’ll probably know what you want to do next, but if you feel like you’re at a crossroads, you certainly aren’t alone! A study by allaboutcareers.com found that 44% of graduates don’t know what they want to do when they graduate from university.

  WhICH Career Options Are Open To ENGLISH Graduates?

There are lots of interesting and high-flying careers that are associated with an English degree.  You might have aspirations as a writer, or you could apply for a graduate scheme in HR or hospitality.  You could have studied linguistics and speech development during your course with a view to becoming a speech therapist. If you’ve always wanted to teach, an English degree is the perfect knowledge base to launch your teaching career.  Any and all writing and language-based career options are open to you, as well as a huge variety of roles in other industries that simply look for a graduate of any subject. 

   Choosing Your Next Steps

The first decision you make will be to either find a job or to apply for a post-graduate training scheme in the area you want to work in. Find out what post-graduate studies might be open to you with Prospects.

If you chose to go straight into work, you might consider writing to companies you’d like to work for speculatively. Many organisations accept graduates with a degree in any subject and offer in-house training. Graduates with an English degree might consider marketing, copywriting, journalism or archiving as a career, or working in publishing or libraries.

 Choosing A Career In Teaching

A degree in  English is a strong foundation for a career in teaching in any subject area. You might prefer to work with Primary school children, teaching all subjects, or specialise as an English teacher in a Secondary school. You could also lecture in Further and Higher Education, leading young people towards their own career goals. Speech therapy and language development skills are extremely useful in SEND education, which offers a different career path with more specialist training and knowledge alongside great personal and career rewards. 

   What’s Next For ENGLISH Grads Wanting To Teach

Teaching is a rewarding, stable career with clear steps to progression. You’ll spend every day with the most exciting group of people, the pupils you’ll teach. It’s not all sunny playgrounds – teachers can work longer hours than you’d think and deal with negative behaviour from pupils, but the rewards are plenty. You’ll be learning every day and be in control of your own career progression. The teaching profession desperately needs passionate, inspiring graduates to teach the next generation of scientists, engineers and leaders – if you think you’re up to the challenge, find out more about our unique Teacher Training Programme below.

Our Teacher Training programme is currently accepting graduates with degrees in most subjects. If you’d like to take the first big step in your teaching career, apply for our university-led post-graduate programme today.

Find Out More About Teacher Training With Engage

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