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28th June 2021

What Can You Do With A Maths Degree?

Gaining a degree in Maths is a significant achievement. Anyone with a skill for mathematics will find they have a wide choice of career options that offer fantastic earning potential and great career progression. In this article, we’ll explore some of the options available to you once you’ve graduated, and how you could use your degree to inspire the mathematicians of the future.


From investment banking to accountancy, there are certain career paths that require a degree in mathematics or a similar subject. Astronomers, pilots, rocket scientists and roles in research and data analytics all require a strong maths background. You may even consider further study if you’re aiming high. either a Master’s Degree or professional qualification will continue your pathway to a career in a maths-based field if that’s what you want. Problem-solving, an affinity with numbers and logical thinking are sought after skills in nearly all careers so most industries and postgraduate schemes will happily accept maths graduates, even if their degree isn’t directly related. 


As a teacher, you get to spend every day teaching something you are passionate about and using that passion to inspire young people in your chosen subject. Making a difference in young peoples lives is the main reason that many teachers want to teach according to various studies – seeing a spark of interest and knowledge grow in a student’s head and inspiring their future career choices. You don’t have to have a noble reason to find teaching fulfilling though – there’s clear career progression and the potential for well-above-average earning potential


Mathematics is one of the few areas that hasn’t had bursary budgets cut this academic year. Click here to read more about 2021 funding changes. There’s been concern over a shortage of maths teachers over the last few years, and there are various incentives aimed at all STEM graduates to encourage them to take up a career in teaching. All areas of teaching offer progression opportunities into leadership roles – Headteachers are at the top of the payscale but Maths graduates could also progress in SEND leadership roles such as SENCO & Virtual School Head or into educational consultancy. There are lots of interesting and truly impactful leadership roles to aim for – our Partnership & Development team could support you to develop your professional development plan.


The UK boosts a world-leading education system, but it needs passionate, inspirational graduates to deliver the best teaching possible to the next generation. Your practical and analytical skills will be tested on a daily basis and you’ll be learning every day of your career. If you think a career in teaching could be right for you, explore our leading teacher training course today – applications are currently open for Maths and STEM graduates.

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