What are the benefits of working with Engage Education

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What are the benefits of working with Engage Education

In case you’re wondering why you have that funny feeling, it’s something we like to call the ‘aha moment’ when you know you’ve found the agency that is going to give you all the tools you need to embark on your new teaching journey in the UK.

Let’s sum it up shall we?

Choose your route:

– SGP – gain experience in different schools, financial security

– D2D – flexible, work when you want

– Iday – free UK trip, see schools in person, visit UK schools, leave with job offers

– LT – get to know one class, salary Perm – work directly for a school, step up (promotion), no timesheets

Finance support:

– For our overseas teachers looking to relocate to the UK, we offer the extra cash injection you need to help you find your feet, with our £1,000 Rewards Program: £500 term 1, £250 term 2, £250 term 3. Only when you work with Engage.

Get set up:

– We sort the airport pickup – No getting lost here.

– Help you set up bank account – Amazing how handy getting paid is.

– Show you the bits and pieces of the Visa process – Minimize the anxiety.

– Sourcing your National Insurance number – You need one to be a legit UK resident.

Help with the Essentials:

– Help finding accommodation and introductions before you even get here.

– Internet! We give you the advice you need. Imagine a new home with no internet, no way.

– A dedicated support number, not sure about something, got a question, give us a call: 0333 150 8010

Social perks:

– Organised social events to help meet other teachers like you!

– A private Facebook group for related insights.

– Discounts and insights for shopping and entertainment.

– Exclusive holiday offers and trips, see Europe or the rest of the UK, it’s your call.

Career Planning:

– Personalized plan including CPD training, induction and continuous development.

Induction Process:

– Full day of essential insights, training and integration knowledge plus a smattering of fun.

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