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Nina Boniface
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There are loads of benefits to joining Secure Guarantee Pay! Read on to find out:

Supply teaching gives you the kind of variety that any other career does not. You can teach at a range of schools in the area you live in and get to know how different schools work. Variety is the spice of life and you really get that with supply.

Gain valuable experience

Supply teaching opens doors for you. Working in different schools gives you confidence and helps you pick up new ideas – essentially it broadens your horizons. Teaching a variety of students from different backgrounds in different schools that have different management styles and philosophies will also give you an edge.


Getting an insight into different schools and communities helps you decide what your long-term aspirations are. The more schools you work in, the more you’ll be able to identify what you want from a school, and what you don’t.


Working in schools on a regular basis allow you to get to know the staff there, this is great for support as well as widening your professional network. When supply teaching, first impressions count – so make sure you make a great first impression so that schools you like request you back.

Try before you buy

It’s a great thing to be able to identify schools you’d like to work long-term in – when you’re teaching supply, keep note of the ones you like! Autonomy Supply work allows you to skip the onerous daily planning and preparation that permanent classroom teachers are expected to do. You can experience the fun of the classroom without as much responsibility – this means fewer meetings, paperwork, testing and Ofsted.

Financial Security

Secure Guarantee Pay means you have financial security – something which supply teachers may not feel as in control of as teachers in longer term posts. We pay you whether you work or not, it’s part of our promise to great customer service and support.

So, there are loads of benefits to supply teaching on a guarantee pay contract – what are you waiting for?

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