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17th March 2021

Teacher Training In 2021

Over the last year many schools have had to reallocate resources and adapt their staffing. Some trainee teachers were able to continue their programmes either in-person or virtually, but others had to halt their training or application process. Now that schools are reopening, we are seeing a sharp uptake in both applications for our teacher training course and schools looking to take on graduates.

How Did The Pandemic Affect Teacher Training?

Developing teachers that fit the vision for your school’s future is just one of the elements required to create a positive learning environment in which both pupils and education professionals can thrive.

We kept applications for our Teacher Training Programme open, but that wasn’t the same for every route into teaching. It became more difficult for trainee teachers to gain real classroom experience during the pandemic and that’s something schools now need to provide for trainees who may have spent months behind a screen. There’s lots of keen, passionate graduates ready to bring new ideas and enthusiasm to the classroom – the job for us is to match them with progressive schools that understand the benefits of both succession planning and new perspectives in the staffroom.

New Funding Options

Changes to education funding over the last year has made it cheaper and easier than ever before for schools to hire graduates, either as support staff or trainee teachers. With funding increases for the majority of core subjects and additional money available for hiring support and intervention staff, there’s more options than ever to fund hiring in schools.

It’s vital that the right choices are made when it comes to maximising available funding

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Futureproof Your Workforce

Of course, no one knows what the future holds. We all hope that no generation of children has to take an enforced break from the education they deserve again. Avoiding staffing shortages in the teaching sector has always been a goal when creating teacher training programmes and campaigning for more funding for school recruitment. Ensuring teachers are well trained and have strong experience in the classroom is one way of future-proofing education, along with appropriate planning and budget management.

Take A Different Approach

Our training programme is unique – it’s a two phased approach that gives graduates the time and support they need to become confident, impactful teachers. Graduates begin Phase 1 working in classrooms, supported by a mentor or qualified teacher. When they’re ready, they move to Phase 2 and take on more whole-class responsibilities whilst maintaining regular close contact with mentors and our own Partnership & Development team. The approach works – over 90% of the graduates who have worked in Phase 1 have successfully gone onto start their PGCE since the programme launched in 2019.

Meet Our Graduates

If you want a better idea of what you can expect from graduates who come through our teacher training programme, we’ve put together a series of videos introducing some of the aspiring teachers that are following their dream career path and training to teach.

View all the ‘Meet Our Graduate’ videos on our Youtube Channel!

As the expert recruiters in education, we have the experience that school leaders need to make the right hires.  Becoming a partner school on our Teacher Training Programme starts with a chat about your schools needs and vision. Book a virtual chat at a time that suits you below.

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