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12th May 2022

Supporting Sky with staffing for Sky On Tour!

Engage is collaborating with Sky on the staffing of an exciting project!

Engage has been selected to collaborate with Sky on a school project starting in June. Sky will be travelling around the UK aiming to work in schools in the most deprived areas to give their KS3 students an insight into the work they do.

Sky On Tour is a digital-skills-boosting, aspirations-raising, pop-up storytelling experience. Sky’s extraordinary e-vehicle arrives in schools and opens up as a creative studio, bringing the opportunity of Sky Academy Studios to KS3 students (aged 11-15) from all backgrounds.

Working collaboratively, students develop their digital skills and forge a better future by devising a #GoZero media campaign for “The Daily Climate Show”. They can learn how to shape stories for different platforms, using the pop-up photography studio or a hi-tech digital media suite inside the e-vehicle.

To continue their learning about different careers and skills, pupils can explore the interactive Creative Careers challenge and actively engage in a socially-interactive game to identify their own potential path for the future.

Target Regions and Timings for Y1

For year 1 of the experience, Sky is excited to be piloting the experience to 5 lucky schools in East of England pre-summer, and 14 schools in Yorkshire and the Humber between September-December 2022. They will only be offering this experience to schools that are part of the opportunity area within each region, and the offer isn’t available to independent schools.

The User Journey

The experience will be set up and take place in the school over a week, working with two groups of approximately 30 students per day; one session in the morning, and one in the afternoon.

Once set up in the school, the Sky On Tour will run over 3 core stages:

The Pre-work

Ahead of the ‘On the Road’ day, students will need to complete the pre-work during a school lesson. This will be a plug and play lesson with activities delivered through video content. Students will work collaboratively, taking on Sky job roles, to complete the #GoZero Pitch Sprint which will lead them through the initial development stages of creating a marketing campaign.

The On Tour Day

One #GoZero campaign will be chosen from the pre-work by the teacher to be created during the day. A class of students will be split into groups of 6. Students will take on sky job roles, and each group will create one creative element of the campaign report using sky technology, developing their digital skills.

In their groups, students’ time will be split across prep and planning for their campaign asset, spending time in the e-vehicle filming, and in the assembly hall, where they will visit the Photography studio, as well as time playing a socially interactive game. Students will also have time allocated towards the end of the session for finalising their campaign assets before sharing with the other groups and bringing all their separate campaign assets together to create their #GoZero campaign, which will be turned into a press and play video for them to share with the wider school as well as with friends and family.

We’re delighted to be collaborating with Sky on this project, helping them secure staff for each location to make this project a success!

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