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13th March 2019

Support for Teachers in the UK

Supporting teachers to be the best and happiest educators they can be is at the heart of everything we do. Happy teachers means happy, engaged, and successful pupils, which in turn leads to better exam results and improved OFSTED reports. (Great news for everyone!)

How does Engage support teachers?


We support teachers from the very first step. When you are contacted by an Engage consultant, you’re speaking to an expert on the local schools and teaching requirements of a small area in the UK. This means that you’ve been selected because your consultant believes you have the unique skills required by their local area, as we’re always on the lookout for local and overseas teachers that will be a good fit for our partner schools.


Whether you’re relocating to your new school, or live locally, you will receive an invite to attend iday. iday is our award-winning interview day, which is completely free to attend and consists of face-to-face interviews with schools selected for you based on your personal requirements and career goals. Teachers will receive free travel and accommodation to attend iday, whether you reside in the UK or overseas.

We will prepare you for the interviews at iday through one-on-one guidance, as well as providing you with in-depth information packs about the schools you will be interviewing with. The interviews are relaxed – the approach at iday is to find out whether you and the school will be a good fit for each other both personally and professionally.

Taster days

After iday, you will select which schools you preferred out of the ones you interviewed with, and the schools too will select their preferred teachers. We then match the teachers with the schools based on both preferences, and arrange for teaching “taster” days, where you can teach an example lesson to showcase your skills as a teacher. These will be held on the Wednesday and Thursday after iday.

Teaching a whole lesson in a school – or even a country – you’re not familiar with, can understandably seem daunting, so we’re on hand with tailored one-to-one advice and preparation to ensure you’re completely ready for the experience. Our Teaching & Learning partnership team is made up of Jay and Mike, both ex-leadership level teachers, who know exactly what the SLTs at the school will expect from prospective new teachers, so they are expertly placed to coach you through the taster day experience. After being prepped by our Teaching & Learning team, 3 out of 4 teachers receive an offer to work at the school of their choice.

Tailored CPD

Once you have expertly delivered your trial lesson and been offered your ideal teaching position, you will receive continued support from your consultant and the rest of our team. We don’t stop working for you once you have the job; we want to ensure you are happy in your role and continue to grow as a teacher. To achieve this, we offer free CPD sessions — both general and tailored.

In September, before you start your new teaching role, at a new school, in perhaps a new country, Engage hosts an induction CPD event to help you prepare. This will cover everything you need to know about working in a British school and the expectations on you as a teacher.

Once you are in your role, you will also be able to attend all of our general CPD events. Our CPD events cover a host of topics about running your classroom, required skills, and structuring your career to make you the most versatile and prepared teacher you can be. The events are completely free to attend, and you can even bring your friends and colleagues along.

Ongoing Support

Professional Development & Support

Our Teaching & Learning partnership team remain on hand once you are teaching to assist with your role and career. They can observe your lessons and provide feedback, and will liaise with your school to pinpoint any areas which require improvement and work with you to meet your goals. By working hand-in-hand with our teachers, we will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed when things get difficult in your new teaching career. Hitting a roadblock in your teaching journey doesn’t mean things won’t work out, with our professional support you will be able to work through and move past any problems you encounter.

Social Events

Our Community and Wellbeing Executive Donato is always looking for opportunities to take our teachers on social events, to ensure your work/life balance is more than satisfactory and to introduce you to like-minded teachers.

Wellbeing Support

Even with all the support you have received from us, there may come a time where your work gets on top of you or you feel stressed or overwhelmed. This is why we have an exclusive partnership with the Education Support Partnership charity which provides free and unlimited access to 24/7 mental health and wellbeing support services. The services provided include BACP-accredited counselling through a 24/7 hotline, as well as constant email and livechat support when you need it.

We believe that by taking these steps to support all of our teachers and support staff, we will improve teacher retention and satisfaction, which invariably leads to higher exam results and happier pupils.

Teachers come first

At Engage, we make sure that all teachers are paid in line with national scales, and we will negotiate on your behalf with any school you are placed with to ensure you receive the daily rate you deserve. To join an agency that understands your value, register with Engage.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll hear from your own personal Engage consultant, who will work with you to create your own personalised career plan that suits your skills and goals.

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