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1st November 2017

Stories of personal development

The best thing about supporting teachers to find work is hearing how they got on when they continue their journey, whether that be back in their home country or in the UK.

Stephanie came over to the UK and taught in Windsor for a year with her housemates. As a newly-qualified teacher, her main goal was to get the experience she needed to make herself the best possible teacher. She was “given the opportunity to build new skills, set goals and teach students of all different abilities.” All of these things made for an enjoyable work experience as well as a social one. “Engage provides their teachers with the chance to attend social events, where I was able to make new friends and expand my network of teachers.“ After a year teaching in Windsor, Stephanie returned to Canada. We were delighted to hear that she has since found a full-time position!

We know too well how daunting it can be to start a new career as a graduate. That’s why we visit universities and colleges regularly to chat to students that are about to finish their degrees. We really enjoy giving people the confidence to try something they’d never considered before.

Take Aoise for example, she was really struggling to find any work in Ireland just after she graduated, and although she had little interest in moving abroad to teach, she’d spoken to some of her friends who had experienced teaching in the UK with us and thought ‘why not’?

Aoise journey to the UK began with iday. “The iday alone gave me such invaluable experience, having just completed teacher training I had no idea how to act in a teaching interview.” Fast forward a few months, Aoise was teaching at an academy in Bournemouth. She took advantage of our continuous support; “I gained so many new skills from the extensive CPD I was doing on a weekly basis (which I would never have gotten in Ireland)” and ended up teaching full time for a whole year. By the time it came to heading home to Ireland, Aoise had no difficulty finding a job and her NQT year was recognised by the teaching council in Ireland.

Rita found us when she was finishing her PGCE course in Leeds and unfortunately, she hadn’t managed to find a job when she graduated, she “was feeling demoralised and in need of some assistance. Engage were really encouraging and helped me to believe in myself.” After a tour and an informal chat at a school in Bradford, Rita was offered a job teaching Year 1. Before the end of September, Rita “was told that the school wanted me to stay on permanently and they were going to put me through my NQT year.” Brilliant! We always try to continually share feedback from schools to let our teachers know how they’re getting on., and it was great to hear that Rita was doing so well at the start of her teaching career.

Teaching in the UK can give teachers the professional edge that will take them anywhere. Mariyana found us while she was completing her Diploma of Education in Australia. While she was here, she gained enough valuable skills and experience to help her find work in China.

No matter where you are and where you want to teach next, take advantage of what you can while you’re over here.


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