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1st November 2017

Boosting Your CPD (Continuous Professional Development)

Imagine a world where you are helped socially, financially, personally and supported as you are integrated into a new life in a new country.

That’s what we do and if that’s not enough we also help with a personal career plan, what does that mean?

A personal plan, so what?

Your career is just like you, it’s unique and what you need differs from what I need and what that dude over their needs and on and on it goes. With this in mind, we believe your career deserves a personalized plan. When it comes to teaching there are many skills your student life does not cover, what others call life skills. Here is a list of our most recent CPD courses:

  • Understanding the Structure and Expectations of UK Schools
  • Integrating into a new school
  • Sponsorship – What you need to know (Looking beyond 2 years)
  • Progressing my career in the UK and beyond
  • Supporting mental health in the classroom
  • Supply Teacher Resources
  • Preparing for Parents Evening
  • Safeguarding – Your Responsibilities
  • Teaching Outstanding Lessons
  • Meaningful/Practical Assessment for the UK
  • Managing Behaviour: Conflict Resolution in the Classroom
  • Understanding Predicted Grades (How to utilize the data)
  • Effectively integrating technology (new and better ways to use technology)
  • Quick and simple assessment/marking tips from veteran teachers
  • Extracurricular activities in school
  • How to prepare for and what to expect during a lesson observation
  • Engaging the disengaged student

That was a selection of our professional development courses, we also run courses on integrating to the UK, life skills, STEM, SEN and specifics for Primary schools.

All of the CPD work we do is aligned to you the individual, it’s all free and we do this to help you find the career you deserve.

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