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3rd March 2022

Our NTP Results So Far

Since joining the NTP programme in September 2021, we have supported the tuition of over 4,000 pupils (as of mid-Feb 2022) We’re proud of the results so far, so if your school has yet to secure tutors, is struggling with where to go for help with maximising funding or you are looking to change up your intervention programme this Spring term, read on for the stats and results from the start of our partnership with NTP.


Schools can choose to utilise Engage as an approved Tuition Partner or to hire directly through the School-Led Tuition route. Both tuition programmes offer heavily subsidised tuition to provide additional, targeted support for those children and young people in schools who have been most affected by disruption to their education as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The Tuition Partner route enables schools to access tutoring from an approved list of tutoring providers known as tuition partners. Like other Tuition Partners, Engage has passed a set of quality, safeguarding and evaluation standards. We are able to offer a range of subjects and provide targeted support for pupils in small group or one-to-one sessions. This option offers additional tutoring capacity to schools and provides a high level of flexibility to schools and academy trusts without them having to use their own staff.

The School-led tutoring route is based on the number of pupil premium students. This payment is ring-fenced to fund locally sourced tutoring provision for disadvantaged pupils. This could include using existing staff or external tutoring resources such as Engage.

Our guide, National Tutoring Programme – Two Ways We Can Help covers the two routes and how Engage can support schools with both.

During the Autumn term on the Tuition Partner route, we booked and started 457 blocks of 15 hours tutoring. Of those, 86% were small groups with a 1:3 ratio of tutor to pupil. We already know that small group tuition is one of the most effective ways for young people to receive tutoring, giving an opportunity for discussion, sharing solutions and opinions, whilst giving the tutor enough time to focus on individual pupils’ needs. Smaller groups and one-on-one tutoring has formed a very small percentage – often, these will be booked for pupils with additional needs, either in dedicated SEND provisions or mainstream schools.

Engage Education is on track to provide the projected number of tuition blocks by the end of the academic year. We’ve seen a big increase in bookings since the start of January, with more schools getting in touch, taking part in our webinars and booking tutors through both the Tuition Hub and the School-Led tuition routes. 

What’s Been The Feedback To Our Consultation Process?

There’s been some really positive feedback coming from the schools we are working with. Decisions around the timing of tuition sessions, face-to-face or online delivery, groupings and hiring all need to be made with pupil progress in mind and our partner schools have told us that working with our NTP team has made the process easier and meant that tutors have already started making a real impact on learning.

“Engage provided us with an NTP lead who was able to explain the processes required on the NTP website, this was so helpful and saved us a lot of time”

Assistant Head, Junior School

What’s The Feedback About Tutors Impact?

Although many schools intervention programmes are in the early stages, the impact of structured tuition and research-led delivery can already be seen. Ongoing feedback is vital for us to adapt to school’s changing needs, so we asked schools how our tutors were getting on.

“We chose three tutors following the vetting process and we have been so happy with them.  They have slotted in well, working on their own initiative, asking questions for clarity and checking in with teachers as and when needed…the children have made progress in specific areas, identified at the first session of tuition.  By working in the same books the children use in class, the tutors and teachers can easily see what the children are doing, providing a joined-up approach.”

Assistant Head, Junior School

“Gaps are being plugged and with continued support, academic progress will be further improved, the NTP programme is working well alongside our own teachers daily teaching and communication between them has enabled needs to be identified and targeted support offered to plug the gaps”

Vice Principal, Primary School

What’s Next?

Over the next few months, many more pupils will begin tuition programmes through one of the funded routes. We’ll be publishing more of our NTP performance data at the end of each term. We can expect to find out how the NTP and government catch-up funding has impacted pupils’ knowledge, confidence and wellbeing as well as making headway on the attainment gap. 

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