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21st March 2022

NTP Tutors For Exam Season

How Can Engage Support Schools & Pupils This Exam Season?

Exams are back! In 2020 and 2021, to reduce the spread of COVID, GCSEs in the UK were graded based on teacher assessment, instead of traditional exams.  Now that schools are operating normally again, students will be returning to the exam hall this summer and the focus can shift from teacher assessments (and the additional work that brings!) to revision timetables. As always, we’re here to support schools to prepare, make the most of available funding and reduce the worry and stress that exam season can bring.

What Help Is Available For Students & Teachers?

The National Tutoring Programme exists to close the attainment gap and give pupils the best possible chance to excel in their assessments and beyond. It’s currently in its second year and we are now seeing schools booking tuition blocks specifically requesting tutors with GCSE and Y6 SATS revision experience to support students in their exam preparations.

To facilitate the return to traditional examinations, information around this year’s GCSE questions and content has been made available to teachers and students – although the extra info won’t cover specifics, the DfE has said; “The additional information aims to focus students’ revision without providing exact questions that will appear” 

We also know that grading will be more generous, to allow students access to higher education or the workplace on an equal footing qualification-wise to their older or younger peers. More information about the changes that the Department For Education has made around exam preparations can be found here.

How Can Working With An Agency Help?

Students taking exams this summer will have experienced disruption for their entire GCSE period, from Year 9 onwards.  We know teachers have worked really hard over the last 9 months to facilitate catch-up learning, but there are still many children that will need support to reach their expected level of attainment. The National Tutoring Programme has already been vital in supporting this – you can read the results of our first term as an NTP Tuition Partner and see some of our impact in stats and figures here.

When it comes to seeking out tutors for exam preparations, there are two funded routes that agencies can help with. The Tuition Partner route allows schools to access a dedicated Hub, whilst the School-Led route offers more flexibility.  Find out more about the two routes here if you want more information about the available options.

5 Benefits To Schools Working With Us:

1. We can focus on specialist tutors for schools wanting to help pupils to prepare for SATS or GCSEs

2. We perform extensive background and compliance checks on every single teacher that registers with us – all our face-to-face and online tutors are fully compliant

3. We are able to offer tuition support in all subjects and key stages

4. We remove a lot of the admin of booking tutors and give school leaders more time to focus on other key areas of exam prep or school management.

5. Our average turnaround time from a booking request to a tuition programme starting is just 2 weeks

We’re continuing to add to our pool of available tutors, by seeking out qualified primary and secondary teachers looking for tuition work. We offer training and support to every single teacher who signs up with us, so you can be assured you are working with qualified, compliant tutors that have the full backing of a leading teaching agency.

If your school is looking to hire dedicated, professional and qualified staff to tutor pupils during exam season, we can help. Our specialist NTP Manager will be happy to discuss how we can support your school to access high quality, heavily subsidised tuition through the National Tuition Programme – book a call below.

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