New Zealander teachers are thriving in the UK

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“A change is as good as a rest.” Or at least that’s what Emily Martin found when she moved to the UK to get a new lease on life, and her teaching career.

Emily tells us she was disheartened with the teaching landscape in New Zealand and was even considering changing her vocation before she discovered Engage Education. Moving to the UK with Engage gave Emily the motivation and support she needed to revive her teaching career.

“As a new teacher in New Zealand, I was facing a difficult process of progressing in my career. There wasn’t a clear route for me to achieve my goals, and the support just wasn’t there. I was considering dropping out of teaching altogether. Then I was contacted by Engage.

Two years later, I’m now working at an outstanding academy in a quiet area of the UK called Berkshire, which is just an hour outside of London. I’ve already been promoted to Pastoral Manager at my school and I’m on track to progress to Head of Year. I’ve found that the British education system really prioritises teacher retention and training, and with the help of my Engage team I’ve felt really supported throughout the whole process.

Engage flew me to the UK to participate in their ‘iday’ event week, where I got to have interviews with a selection of schools and even teach a few lessons to see if teaching in a British school was right for me. I fell in love with the school right away, and haven’t looked back since.

When I have come across difficulties in my role, Engage’s team were on hand to help with my development as a teacher and even arranged for free 24/7 professional counselling for teachers when things got tough – such as when I was feeling homesick or stressed. Thanks to Engage’s social events, I’ve even met a few other Kiwi teachers here in the UK and have built up a strong circle of friends that really make me feel at home.

I love my new job in the UK, and I’m living life in a way I never thought was possible. I’ve made plans to travel in the South of France during the summer holidays, Europe is right on my doorstep! If I decide to return to New Zealand, I’ll never regret taking the time to create these experiences in my career.”

Engage Education is an international recruitment agency which has been supporting teachers like Emily in the relocation process from New Zealand to the UK for the last decade. To discover your teaching adventure, register with Engage.

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