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Your Supply Family

Teaching supply means you’ll work in a range of schools within a certain distance of where you live. This is great because it means you get to know people in loads of schools near you! The more schools you teach in, the more headteachers, pastoral staff, senior leadership, classroom teachers, supply teachers, parents and children you’ll meet – and that lets you set up a whole support network around you. We’ve had so many teachers join us on supply teaching and end up finding their next longer-term role at a school they’ve already taught in AND got to know people in!

If you’re moving to the UK from overseas, it’s important to make sure you settle well and integrate yourself into a new environment. While we can help with this, for the most part, the social aspect is more up to you!

The Engage Family

At Engage, we pride ourselves on how we support our teachers with relocation and finding new work. Our teacher socials and induction events give you the right start to your teaching career and help you find other people in the exact same situation as you. We arrange social events every term and they could be anything from pub quizzes to bar crawls to roller discos!

We don’t only help you find teachers in your area, we can help you too. Need help setting up a bank account? We’ve got you! Need advice on where to live and teach supply? We’ve got you! When you sign your SGP contract, you become part of our family – a family of supply teachers, longer-term teachers, people who teach in Special Education, and the staff that work for Engage.

One of our favourite supply teacher stories is that of Kirsten – a Canadian teacher that moved over here taught supply and met her husband! It’s a wonderful story, check it out on our blog.

So don’t think of moving abroad to teach in England as giving something up back home, but gaining so much here!

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