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21st May 2020

Managing Mental Health For Teachers

Mental Health Awareness Week has taken on different importance this year. The government lockdown has left many people struggling with loneliness and anxiety – it’s completely normal to feel this way. There’s no guidebook for how anyone should or shouldn’t be feeling during these strange times.

With many teachers providing a vital service to their communities by continuing to run lessons both in school and remotely, there are even more reasons than usual to make sure that your mental health is being properly managed.

Everything has changed, but help and support is out there

Even if your mental health usually doesn’t pose an issue for you, it’s likely that the pandemic and subsequent changes to everyday life haven’t been easy to get used to. This worrying and high-stress environment with all of the new regulations has been the norm for a few months now and once the novelty of new routines and spending more time at home has worn off, it’s perfectly okay to feel that your mental health has taken a hit – there are plenty of places you can go for help and advice if lockdown (or any aspect of teaching life) is causing you to lose stress or dwell on worries.

Engage has produced some articles and content which we hope will be of help to all our teachers and colleagues, find them all over at our Coronavirus Hub



Practise Self-Care and Don’t Compare

As well as formal coaching and therapy sessions, there are lots of ways to manage positive mental health yourself. It’s vital to take time out, especially if you are working through the lockdown, for self-care and your own pursuits. It may seem on social media that everyone in the world is maximising lockdown to better themselves, their fitness, homeschool their children, work on their gardens or start writing a book, but the majority of people are simply getting through taking it day by day. 

There are some great ideas here on how to look after yourself during the pandemic


How Engage Can Help

Engage Education has partnered with Education Support, a UK charity dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of the education workforce. Education Support offers all teachers and support staff registered with Engage access to their 24/7 helpline and the Employee Assistance Programme, which features one-on-one counselling sessions and help and support with all aspects of your teaching career. If you find you’re struggling during lockdown, or as restrictions are lifted, our partners at the Education Support Partnership are on hand to help. From short-term financial aid to counselling, advice, or just a friendly chat, the Education Support Partnership was created to help teachers when they need it.

Are you worried about interviewing with schools virtually? Our in-house partnership and development team are available to guide you through the interview process. If the new-style remote interviews are worrying you, or if you have anxieties about interviewing, our team can coach you to success!

Finally, our top tips for managing teacher anxiety is online here, check it out for ideas from our team!

Education Support

If you’d like more information on how Education Support our teachers, check out the Employee Assistance Programme.

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