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1st November 2017

Learn while you teach

We believe that continuous professional development is key to retaining staff and developing individuals to achieve their career goals.

We understand that starting a new role is a daunting change, that’s why we’ve developed our Induction event to completely prepare you to start your new role. Chelsey attended one of our events in September, and enjoyed the fact that she “got to meet the consultants and other people who work for Engage”. It’s important for overseas teachers to have a point of contact and friendly face to call.

We’ve been receiving great feedback from our CPD events. Attendees of our latest course on Autism had these things to say:

“It was super informative, with useful strategies for students with ASD”
“Advice and suggestions on how to support Autistic Pupils.”
“The course was informative and in appropriate sections. It was delivered in a fun way.”
“Balanced mix of talk and hands-on activities”
“A range of different strategies.”
“I learnt new information about behaviour management.”
“A great range of tips on current issue we face every day in the classroom”
“The lecturer was very informative and interesting to listen to. A great course.”

Our Engage staff attends our CPD sessions, too. We feel that they can support teachers better if they understand the kinds of issues that they deal with at work. Jake complimented the time schedule of our CPD session, saying “I thought 10am to 4pm was the perfect time and the break times fitted perfectly to keep everyone in the room fresh and engaged”.

It’s so great to see how our CPD offering is supporting our teachers when they return home, too. Aoise returned to Ireland after teaching in London for a year and found a job easily – “I gained so many new skills from the extensive CPD I was doing on a weekly basis (which I would never have gotten in Ireland) – and I learned how to really collaborate.”

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