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1st April 2021

Introducing A Brand New Perk For Our Candidates

Engage Education are excited to announce a brand new, exclusive perk available to all our candidates. To support your career development, we’ve partnered with Creative Education to offer all our candidates the opportunity to train for free through their growing platform. Creative Education provide a library of training content covering a wide variety of specialist and more general topics relevant to teachers, support workers and parents. We’ve partnered with them previously to offer our candidates a free trial of their services, but in line with our commitment to providing the very best benefits package to our candidates, we’ve taken it a step further to offer you more career development opportunities than ever before.

   A Brand new, exclusive benefit for Engage Candidates

Once you register with us, you’ll receive access to an exclusive link, where you can sign up to the Creative Education platform . Membership is usually via a paid monthly subscription, but you’ll get forever access to all of their current and future content for free. 

   What Courses Can You Access With The New Perk?

Creative Education has produced over 160 videos that feature topics relevant to everyone with an interest in education. You can access training courses designed for teachers in mainstream and SEND schools as well as a host of informational content for anyone involved in raising young people. They focus not only on teacher methods and strategy, but child development training, pastoral care and personal development.  Courses are created by teachers and senior education professionals, many with years of experience in specialist fields so you know you are getting high-quality training that can have a real impact on your growth.

There are two types of course, short courses are anything from 5 – 45 minutes long and can be completed in one session. They also offer ‘Pathways’ –  longer courses to complete in a series of sessions at your own pace with a focus on leadership and learning development.  Topics such as Self-Esteem: Helping Teens Find Purpose & Belonging, written by leading child psychiatrist Dr Pooky Knightsmith, focus on specific elements of children’s development. New teachers will benefit from topics like Top Tips For Assemblies, written by a deputy head with over 20 years of experience, or Spot and Support Speech, Language & Communication Needs

Browse their library for yourself here – don’t forget to register with us to gain your free-forever access.

Your Engage consultant will be able to see what courses you’ve completed and relay this in your applications to schools. Completing online CPD and adding to your knowledge as an educator shows your commitment to learning and development and can put you ahead of the competition when it comes to taking the next step in your career. We can’t wait to see where this great new benefit takes our candidates!

   How else do we support YOUR professional development?

Your professional development has always been a vital part of our service. Our dedicated Partnership & Development team work to provide training opportunities for educators at all stages in their career. We host our own CPD and training events covering a wide range of topics, from Literacy & Phonics Strategies, Assessment & Revision, to Behaviour Management and Safeguarding.  This year, we’ve also opened two new branches, in Leeds and Brighton. Our new partnership with Creative Education means that we can offer high-quality training to candidates across the UK, who may not be near a live event. 

Find out more about the Partnership & Development team here

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We hope that every single one of our candidates will take us up on this offer and we can’t wait to see what opportunities open up for you as a result – get started by registering below!

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