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22nd November 2017

I’m ready! How do I sign up?

I’m ready! How do I sign up?

Right first thing’s first, whether you’re already in the UK or you’re living abroad, there are different ways to get a long-term position.

If you live in the UK

Let us know you’re ready to find a new role, and we’ll do all the hard work!

Meet us for a chat

We like to get to know every candidate that works with us, so we’ll invite you in for a cup of tea and a chat, or have a telephone call with you.


In order to make sure you’re ready for work as soon as possible, we’ll need a few documents from you; things like your CV, references and DBS application form (our Compliance team will help you through every step!)


Next is the exciting bit – we’ll arrange interviews with schools in the area you’re looking for that have vacancies that match your skills.


Because you’re a superstar educator – you get offered your dream job


Horrah – you got the job

Ongoing support

We pride ourselves on the continuous support we offer our candidates. If you have any queries about where your nearest McDonalds is, what you can claim back on expenses or advice about shampoo – we’re here for you.

If you live outside of the UK

So you’re ready to move across oceans to work in the UK, that’s great. We can’t wait to help.

Get to know us

We like to get to know all of our teachers – our overseas Talent Acquisition team are a great bunch!

Compliance and visas

We need to make sure you’re visa and compliance documents are all ready to rock before you properly start interviewing!

Decide your journey – iday or profiling or skype interviews

iday – allows you to fly to the UK for free – to interview and find a school that suits you.

Profiling – this means we create an impressive profile of your skills and requirements and send it to the schools we work with in the UK.

Skype – if you’re ready to go now – why not Skype interview directly with schools? We can help find you the right ones.


The fun bit – meet headteachers (in person or over Skype) and find out all about their schools and of course – sell yourself!



Relocation help

Once you’ve found your perfect position, we won’t leave you high and dry. We help with all aspects of relocating to another country, we’ve helped thousands of teachers relocate.

Ongoing support

We pride ourselves on the continuous support we offer our candidates after they’ve found work.

Teachers come first

At Engage, we make sure that all teachers are paid in line with national scales, and we will negotiate on your behalf with any school you are placed with to ensure you receive the daily rate you deserve. To join an agency that understands your value, register with Engage.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll hear from your own personal Engage consultant, who will work with you to create your own personalised career plan that suits your skills and goals.

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