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1st November 2017

How we help teachers with life

How we help teachers with life

We created iday and launch it in 2010, the purpose was to help people like you experience the UK, meet schools and just make sure it was right for all parties. As a company we have helped 99,702 teachers find work, it has been a great success and as we move forward into 2018 we strive to keep listening and responding to your needs.

We always encourage our teachers to feedback on their journey with us and what became clear in 2017 was the need to support the next generation of teachers on the life side more. We already covered parts of this but have increased the options, the insight and added a dedicated support number.

Here is all you would receive – before you read think about what it would be like – your first week in a new country:

Getting set up

We sort the airport pickup – No getting lost here.
Help you set up a bank account – Amazing how handy getting paid is.
Show you the bits and pieces of the Visa process – Minimize the anxiety.
Sourcing your National Insurance number – You need one to be a legit UK resident.

Essentials help

A welcome pack so you know the score.
Help finding accommodation and introductions before you even get here.
Internet! Imagine a new home with no internet, no way.
A dedicated support number, not sure about something, got a question, give us a call!

Social perks

Organised social events to help meet other teachers like you!
A private Facebook group for related insights.
Discounts and insights for shopping and entertainment.
Exclusive holiday offers and trips, see Europe or the rest of the UK, it’s your call.

We care about the happiness of our teachers and your ability to have a successful career and to enjoy what you do begins with your home life.

As we look towards the future we wanted to make sure we are as positively disruptive as we were in 2010 and the only people who know that is you!

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