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11th June 2020

Here for you: how to utilise CCS approved agencies to best support you in the current staffing world

As part one of our series to help schools tackle the new challenges in recruitment, we wanted to discuss the DfE CCS Framework. Specifically, the benefits of using the framework for your recruitment, how you can use it to keep continuity in your classroom while saving costs and also use the terms to help complete your staffing in a different hiring world.

Who are CCS and what is the Supply Teachers Framework?

The Crown Commercial Service is an executive agency of the Cabinet Office of the UK government, and the largest public procurement organisation in the UK.

The CCS and DfE developed the Supply Teachers’ Framework to help schools deliver value for money when using an agency to recruit supply teachers and other temporary positions. Using a preferred CCS supplier to fill your temporary and temporary to permanent positions, which means your school can:

  • Clearly see the fees an agency charges on top of staff wages and associated costs with full transparency
  • Make a temporary worker permanent for free after 12 weeks
  • Trust that the agency has been audited by an approved body, ensuring legal compliance and safeguarding best practices
  • Know that the responsibility to meet all UK and EU public procurement legislation has been met

How can the CCS help you during COVID-19 and schools reopening?

We appreciate that taking on new recruitment methods might seem daunting during this time, however, agencies on the framework should be able to guide you through the process quickly.

We appreciate at the moment you are currently in the throes of completing your risk assessments and setting plans for a return to the classroom if possible. In our endeavour to support the profession, we wanted to, therefore, make you aware that a number of support staff and teachers who were out of assignment have been furloughed under the government’s job retention scheme. This has implications for their availability to work as agencies will need adequate notice to un-furlough agency staff to ensure they’re available to start work.

Having already spoken to some schools we are aware they will want to minimise risk through having consistent adults at the school to reduce the number of interactions, therefore using the CCS Framework gives you the freedom to block book supply teachers that you’ve used in the past to save on costs and ensure you have continuity in classrooms.

How can CCS help with your September planning?

This September will see a very different recruitment market and we are already preparing for a surge in activity to meet staffing shortages. Schools may not have the time and physical opportunity to complete their normal hiring process, which includes trial lessons and interview panels. This increases the pressure on making the right decisions.

So as you look towards your September staffing needs and turn to virtual interviews (which we will cover in this email series), your school could look to use the CCS terms to their full benefit. If your school wanted to ensure a member of staff is the right fit for your school before committing to each other on a permanent basis, you could use the framework to initially book them on a contract basis and transfer them onto a permanent contract for free after 12 weeks.

You can read more about the temp to perm feature of CCS here.

How could you use the CCS for direct applications or candidates referred to you by colleagues?

Another feature that may benefit schools during contingency planning is CCS nominated workers. Agencies on the CCS framework directly manage the employment of their agency workers, however, you may wish to hire a specific worker who is known to you, on CCS terms, though they are not currently signed up to work with a preferred supplier.

With the time pressures we understand schools are under, this feature of the CCS framework could allow you to appoint a candidate to your school with the agency completing all compliance and background checks and managing the payroll of the candidate for an initial period, whilst you establish whether they’re a good fit for the future. Whilst this is not a feature we have seen utilised by schools yet, we think it may be a positive solution for some in the current climate.

CCS has been designed by the DfE to support schools, have a read of our handbook, and explore the benefits in full.

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