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18th December 2017

How to manage my day to day

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How to manage my day to day work

Supply teaching is all about passion, organisation and timekeeping. All you have to do is let us know when you’d like to work and we’ll organise the rest. Here’s a guide to how you days might go when you work on daily supply with us!

Before school

Breakfast – a good breakfast is important whatever job you have, it gives you the energy you need to have a productive morning.

Get up and get ready – Make sure you’re good to go early in the morning so that when you get a call from your supply agency, you can get out of the door and on your way straight away.

Phonecalls – Hear your phone ringing? Answer it! It’ll be us with an assignment for the day!

Find your way to school – We’ll tell you where you’ll be working for the day and if you’re not sure where it is, we’ll help you find the best route.

Check-in – Supply staff have to check in at reception when they arrive at a school. If it’s one you’ve never taught at, you’ll be shown around and taken to your classroom to get started.

At school

Introduce yourself – It’s important to make yourself known as a new member of staff (no matter how little time you may be there). Say hi to the staff you see in the corridors and introduce yourself to teaching in neighbouring classrooms. First impressions go a long way.

Get the classroom ready – Make sure your allocated classroom is neat and tidy and ready for the students. Do you need to do anything else before you start teaching?

Inspect the lessons plans – If there are lesson plans left on the teachers’ desk, inspect them, make sure you’re super prepared and know what the students need to achieve so you keep the teacher on track.

Try to learn names – Try your best to learn a few names during your day, it’ll make it easier if and when you need to manage behaviour or report great work to the teacher.

Manage behaviour – Every supply teacher should have their own set of behaviour management rules for when misbehaviour strikes. You can always keep it the same, as long as you stick to it and it’s fair – processes like a verbal warning, then a written name on the board and as a last resort fetching the headteacher work well.

Report back to the regular classroom teacher/school – Whether you’re expected to or not, it’s always nice to report back to the regular teacher at the end of the day. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to the person you covered and make yourself known.

Tidy the classroom – Before you head off for the day, tidy up the classroom ensuring everything is put away, chairs are tucked under, the computer is switched off and spare papers are filed away.

Say goodbye to staff/the headteacher – Before you leave, it’s polite to say goodbye to the headteacher/whoever you see on your way out. This is another great way to appear keen and it may help you get pre-booked at the same school again.

Submit your timesheet for the day – Don’t forget to submit your timesheet for the day, it’s kind of important getting paid for all of your hard work.

Teachers come first

At Engage, we make sure that all teachers are paid in line with national scales, and we will negotiate on your behalf with any school you are placed with to ensure you receive the daily rate you deserve. To join an agency that understands your value, register with Engage.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll hear from your own personal Engage consultant, who will work with you to create your own personalised career plan that suits your skills and goals.

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