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12th August 2019

Why teach with a CCS-approved agency?

The Crown Commercial Service’s framework for recruiting supply teachers and support staff is endorsed by the Department for Education and lays out the standard practices for education recruitment agencies. When an agency is named on the suppliers list, it signals that the agency has proven their commitment to best employment practices and an adherence to all statutory compliance with industry legislation.

Although it is not currently compulsory for schools to only hire using the framework, the DfE will be increasing pressure on schools to use this and any other tool available to them which have been put in place to help save public funds in times of austerity. The CCS Supply Teachers framework is one of those tools, so you may find that if you are not registered with at least one CCS approved supplier, you will receive less offers for supply work as more schools subscribe to the deal.

So how does the CCS framework benefit supply teachers?

Background checks

Teachers, support staff, or back-office workers who are working for an agency on the CCS suppliers list are more attractive to schools than those who aren’t, because it means that a school can be confident that the agency worker has passed all the necessary background checks and safeguarding requirements, because all agencies on the list are frequently audited by an accredited body.


The Crown Commercial Service states that the agencies on the list must be accredited by one of three approved bodies. At Engage, we’re accredited by the REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation), who ensure their members have the tools needed to be a compliant and efficient recruitment business.

When an agency joins the REC, they sign up to the REC Code of Professional Practice, which requires basic statutory compliance with industry legislation as well as higher ethical standards. This is great news for agency workers as well as schools, as it means you can be comfortable in the knowledge that we follow fair and transparent recruitment practices. At Engage, we meet the highest Gold level of REC audit standards.


One thing that isn’t within the scope of the agreement is teachers’ and agency worker pay, which means while you benefit from the association with the CCS, your agency is still able to negotiate on your behalf to ensure you get the best daily rate as a supply teacher. The CCS deliberately did not include pay terms in the agreement as they understand that schools need to be able to compete for the best teachers.


The agreement puts emphasis on teachers and schools being matched together in their local area where possible, so when you work with an agency on the CCS suppliers list, you’re more likely to be placed in a school local to your area. At Engage, we’ve long understood the benefits of placing teachers in their local area, as it minimises commutes and improves work-life balance, as well as helping the teacher relate to pupils in the school.

Make the CCS framework work for you

To find out how working with a preferred supplier could work for you,register with Engage. We have great connections with schools around the country who are always looking to fill their day-to-day and long term supply needs, and our local consultants will help you find one that matches your skills and ambitions. (Otherwise, why not take a look atsome of our current vacancies here.)

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