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15th July 2019

How does the Early Careers Framework help teaching graduates?

A new framework aimed at retaining teacher graduates in the profession is due to be rolled out by the DfE in 2021. The Early Career Framework (ECF) builds on and complements Initial Teacher Training (ITT) and underpins the entitlement to a new fully-funded 2-year package of structured training and support for teachers in the early years of their career.

How does this framework aim to support new teachers?

This framework is designed to remove some of the biggest barriers to remaining in teaching that are reported as resulting in teachers leaving the profession early in their careers. These barriers are namely managing workload, developing career prospects and support, and providing funding. The framework should help teachers feel more supported in the early stages so they can go on to develop long and successful careers.

Managing workload

The ECF will provide funding to schools so they can reduce teacher timetables, guaranteeing 5% off-timetable in the second year of teaching in order to focus on professional development, in addition to the existing 10% timetable reduction in the first year of teaching. There will also be a pressure on schools to get rid of unnecessary paperwork and Ofsted will be instructed to consider teacher workload when inspecting a school.

“We are working with Ofsted to simplify the accountability system and reduce any unnecessary pressure it places on teachers. This includes clarifying when a school will receive an offer of support and consulting on removing the floor and coasting standards. In addition, the new Ofsted framework will have an active focus on reducing teacher workload.”

Developing career prospects and support

All early career teachers will benefit from a dedicated mentor (who themselves will receive fully-funded, in-depth training) who will help provide feedback and critique in a supportive, open and trusting working environment.

The ECF will also be a part of developing new specialist qualifications to support non-leadership pathways for teachers who want to excel in the classroom such as Teacher Development and subject-specific expertise. Funding for new and existing leadership qualifications will be higher for underperforming or challenging schools, and headteachers will be supported in transforming approaches to flexible working in schools.

“At the core of the strategy is the understanding that there are no great schools without great teachers. No other profession is as important to the fate of the next generation or is as uniquely rewarding as teaching.”

It is hoped that the DfE’s new strategy will help to increase retention of teachers as it is rolled out in 2020 and 2021. If you want to get into teaching in time to be one of the first to benefit from the Early Careers Framework, check out our free, salaried route into teaching.

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