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11th June 2020

Here for you: September recruitment in an uncertain market

As part of our ‘Here for you’ series, we discuss the current recruitment climate, how COVID-19 is impacting the sector, and how you can look towards September with confidence.

The Current Climate

We’re all aware of the dynamic nature of education at the moment, with regular government updates about school reopenings, different rules for different year groups, and supporting your staff while they adapt to socially distanced teaching. With the Summer resignation date behind us, it’s time to look forward to September. While the market may be unclear, one thing is certain, there has been an incredible jump in people seeking new jobs.

New Opportunities

The Education and Training sectors have seen massive week-on-week growth in active roles according to Broadbean, a normal occurrence in the lead up to the resignation date and throughout the weeks after. However, the rise in uncertainty surrounding job security twinned with decision-makers in schools having more immediate challenges to address is creating a sense of urgency across the recruitment market.

A trend we’ve seen is teachers and support staff applying for jobs because they’re unsatisfied with the treatment they feel they received during this time, whether it was from their current school or their agency. The inception of Furlough and the rise in unemployment seems to have created an opportunity for people to reconsider their job prospects, our website saw an 88% increase in vacancy applications between April and May which mirrors this. These teachers, support staff and back-office staff are turning to us for advice, support, and guidance on their next career moves.

Graduate Unemployment

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has created a bleak outlook for school leavers and graduates, it’s evident they face one of the toughest job markets in a generation and it’s up to decision-makers to keep this in mind when they’re thinking about recruitment. It’s emerged that some employers are slashing graduate jobs, however, the education sector doesn’t need to follow suit – with funding available, training graduates for your school is a great way to offset training costs and hire on a long term basis for your school.

Applications to our Teacher Training Programme dramatically increased throughout April and May, as the deadline for traditional courses looms. Most of the applications we saw came from STEM and core-subject graduates keen to inspire the next generation – before COVID-19, would you have jumped on the opportunity to hire a graduate of this calibre? Schools are still able to use the apprenticeship levy and salary funding.

Adapting Interviews

While you may not be used to interviewing virtually, it’s been a new trend emerging within different markets over the past few years. The changes in the recruitment climate have meant that every decision-maker has had to adapt to using this as a recruitment tool now. If you’re looking for some advice on how to get the best outcome from virtual interviews, have a read of this article.

The bottom line

While schools have been tackling their reopening approaches, the job market has opened up in new ways and we’ve seen a surge in candidates looking to teach, inspire, and support the next generation. While it may not feel like it, it’s a great time to explore your staffing options, advertising strategy, and longer-term recruitment plans.

Working with agencies who uphold high recruitment standards and appear on the CCS Framework will safeguard any recruitment decisions you make between now and September.

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