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3rd December 2020

Festive Lesson Ideas 2020

The lead up to Christmas in schools can be fast-paced and full of traditions, with lesson time given over to rehearsing nativity plays or writing Christmas cards and everyone looking forward to a break. Keep pupils learning right up until the end of term with our fun Festive lesson ideas!

Christmas Crafts

Christmas lends itself to crafts and handmade gifts, so it’s a great opportunity to let your class get hands-on with glitter and glue to create Christmas cards, decorations or even bake some Christmas treats if you have the facilities. Paper chains are easy for younger hands, teach fine motor skills in their making and look great around the classroom. We found this fantastic list of templates and ideas for handmade decorations which should inspire older pupils too.

Christmas Around the world

Christmas is celebrated differently in schools and homes across the world. Teaching pupils about Christmas in other countries is a fantastic way to teach world culture and traditions. In Russia, for example, Christmas is celebrated on the 7th January as the Russian people follow a different calendar for their religious celebrations. Unfamiliar traditions can create interesting discussion points in class. Learning about other cultures fosters diversity and acceptance in classrooms and children are usually fascinated to hear how Father Christmas wears different clothes when he visits other countries! For more on Diversity in the classroom, read our recent guest blog.

Spread Cheer

Christmas is a time to spread goodwill and cheer – a great opportunity to show your pupils how small acts of kindness can have a big impact on their community. Collecting for a local foodbank, recording carols for a local nursing home or sending cards to isolated people in the community are all easy activities to tie in with learning objectives and teaching empathy and kindness. Performing a short play for younger classes or baking cookies for school volunteers are lovely ways to spread Christmas cheer in school.


Modern classroom technology lends itself to seasonal adaptation.  You can find hundreds of ideas for technology lessons with a Christmas theme on the web. We especially like this Christmas tree salt circuit and Steampowered have also provided a list of 24 fun STEM projects with a Christmas twist. 
If you are looking for ICT activities, here are lots of coding ideas available for free online with a fun Christmas theme. The Google Santa tracker has a bunch of basic coding games themed around helping Santa to complete his job. For older pupils, there’s an in-depth guide to cracking Santa’s code and understanding how computers store information with binary on Teach ICT here along with some great follow-up activities. We also like this detailed KS2 lesson idea for coding with Scratch from TES.


We love the idea of integrating a Christmas theme into your Science lessons in December. You could try creating these fizzing Christmas trees which help pupils explore chemical reactions. Or how about this easy activity that teaches sedimentation and crystallization? The results can be made into Christmas ornaments for pupils to take home. If you don’t mind the inevitable clean-up, this fun activity for making ‘real’ snow can spark discussion around artificial snow creation, the weather and climate change. This Santa Sleigh project teaches physics through the creation of a Santa balloon sleigh which pupils can then race to see whose sleigh is most effective.


We hope we’ve given you some festive classroom inspiration. Pinterest is an amazing source of easy and unique Christmas crafts and more festive lesson ideas. Follow our boards here!


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