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4th November 2021

Engage’s Candidate Survey October 2021 – Results

We regularly survey our candidates to make sure that we are providing the highest levels of service that we can, and meeting the expectations of teachers and teaching assistants that put their trust in us. This time around, we’re happy with many of the results and have highlighted some of the areas we want to improve on for next time below. We hope that they are a true reflection of the experience you’ve had with us – if not, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Read the results of our last survey in May 2021 here.

How supported have you felt during the last half term?

88% of candidates felt supported or very supported

The support that we offer candidates, whether they have been teaching in the UK for years or are just thinking of making a move to teach in the UK, is one of the biggest benefits of working with an agency like Engage. Our dedicated Partnership and Development team are here to support your career development at every stage, and our consultants are expert career advisors who truly want the best for every candidate that they work with.

How can we improve?

We’re proud of the 7% rise in positive responses to this question from our last survey but there is always room for improvement. This year, we’ll be working harder to offer extra impactful support to everyone who registers with us. Whether this means reaching out to disengaged candidates or being there in a crisis, we’re here to support you throughout your job search and beyond

Have we kept you up to date?

95% of respondents felt that we’d kept them up to date with our communications

Communication is key in recruitment – we know that, and we work really hard to keep our communications clear, regular and full of information that you actually want.

How can we improve?

We are constantly working on the format of our newsletters and social posts to make sure they are reaching the right people with the right information. Following us on all our social channels will ensure you are kept completely up to date with everything happening at Engage, and don’t forget to sign up for our fortnightly newsletter for candidates too.

Would you recommend Engage Education to friends or colleagues?

93% of respondents would recommend us

Teachers talk, so we know that word-of-mouth is one of our most valuable forms of advertising. Knowing that so many of our candidates would recommend us to their friends and colleagues is a real boost but we’d love to male it 100%.

How can we improve?

We’re receiving the individual feedback received through our survey to highlight areas of our service where we can improve, and get that all-important recommendation. We’re employing and training more consultants to our high standards, so there will always be someone to speak to when you need. We’re also increasing the services we offer from new events to training and development opportunities.

How do you rate us in other areas?

We’ve improved in every category, taking our average rating from 4.22 to 4.29

We’ve scored higher in every category than in our last survey, with the biggest improvements in Customer Service and Communication. Over the last few months, we’ve hired more staff, improved our internal training programme and streamlined even more processes to make joining us a great experience.

How can we improve?

We’re taking the results and feedback from this survey seriously, and using your comments to identify areas that need improvement and areas where we shine.  We’ve passed all the individual comments to the relevant consultants and contacted the respondents that felt our service wasn’t up to scratch. Knowing that so many individuals have had such a positive experience working with Engage is what drives us forward, and we look forward to improving on these results in our next survey!

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