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1st November 2017

Engage with Quality Education

Our mantra ‘Engage with Quality Education’ and we live by this in everything that we do especially when it comes to our relationship with Schools. We have over 1,000 schools we work with and from the Heads to the Deputies to the teachers and administrators if we could not deliver quality experiences then they simply would not use us.

We know that running a school and focusing on the quality of the education you provide is key, we try to make life as easy as possible and creating long-lasting trust between us and the schools.

Some examples of where we focus:

1. Process

Communication is a two street and we have detailed processes so that those looking after the schools are always aware at each step of the recruitment process.

“The process was very well managed by my consultant who kept me informed of how the day was going throughout and ensured my schedule ran smoothly. We were delighted to be able to recruit from this process”
Simon Greiff
Deputy Headteacher
Manor High School

2. Quality matters

Whilst defining the what of Education is an age-old debate what is less debatable is that quality teaching works best. We have a proven vetting process that adapts to the need from day to day to supply to permanent positions.

“Feltham Hill Junior School has utilised Engage Education’s teachers for just over two years now. I can say that I have been very pleased with all of the supply teachers Engage have sent me. I relay any feedback to my Consultant via email or phone and they are responsive to my requests. We have a very positive professional working relationship with Engage and their staff. I can highly recommend the agency to other schools.”
Rachael Saim
Deputy Headteacher/SENCO
Feltham Hill Junior School

3. Being the expert

We have a strong programme to help support and develop our teachers with CPD being a key program alongside SEN development. For the schools, we like to eat our own lunch have also had internal development for our consultants so that they serve the schools based on their needs. This is not simply about recruitment, it is about policy change, behavioural needs and supporting the education system.

“The level of support and expertise given to us by Engage has been exceptional. They have supported us through the process offering guidance and advice. My Consultant has taken the time to really get to know our school and our requirements and is now able to match prospective teaching staff to us with skill. I would highly recommend ‘iday’ and Engage Education for an innovative approach to teacher recruitment.”
Helen Everitt
Deputy Headteacher
Oriel High School

4. Safeguarding 

Vetting, quality of performance and continuous improvement are all key factors that we focus on helping people with. This also includes who we let into our system and safeguarding is a big factor within what we check as part of our process.
“All their teachers are fully vetted and sending through these details has always been prompt, so that we can be secure in our safeguarding procedures.I have no hesitation in recommending this agency.”
Pauline Jamison
Associate Head Teacher
Stag Lane Junior School

At the end of the day, we are very aware that our role is one of support and that if we do not do it well then we will not function as a business. Education is a challenging place to be, we enjoy helping those who make a real difference.

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