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13th September 2021

Engage Education Is Now A Tuition Partner On The NTP

Engage Education is pleased to announce that we’ve been successfully accepted as a Tuition Partner in Year Two of the National Tutoring Programme’s rollout.  The NTP aims to make high-quality tutoring available to schools to reduce the impact that closures and lockdowns have had on children’s education over the pandemic.

The first year of the programme saw over 240,000 pupils enrolled from 5,700 schools. Now into its second year, the NTP aims to offer tuition to even more schools and pupils. Funding is available for 100 million hours of tutoring, a government investment of £1.7billion. We’re proud to work alongside the Department for Education and the NTP to bring flexible, high-quality tuition by dedicated, qualified and experienced teachers to pupils whose education has been most impacted by the pandemic.

What Tuition Is Available?

Tuition is available in 15-hour blocks, which can be arranged in different ways – for example, an hour-long session over 15 weeks, or 2 sessions per week over half the time. Schools can arrange tuition in a way that most suits their timetable and pupils needs. Research has already shown that small group tuition is the most effective way to accelerate pupil progress, boosting catch-up learning by 3-5 months.

At Engage, we’re currently working with tutors in the following subjects:

  • Primary Schools – Literacy / Numeracy & Science
  • Secondary Schools – Science / Maths / English / Humanities & Modern Foreign Languages

The National Tutoring Programme lays out a recommendation that tuition groups contain a maximum of three pupils. A 1:3 ratio of tutor to students has been proven to be an effective method of delivering individualized tuition, allowing for group discussion and activity along with one-to-one attention.  Groups of three students are also more cost-effective for schools, especially those with a number of pupils requiring intervention. The programme allows for flexibility for schools, meaning they can create a programme that’s tailored to the specific needs of their pupils.

How can schools access funding for tuition?

Schools will be able to access tuition through the NTP’s Tuition Hub. Tuition through the National Tutoring Programme will be subsidised by 70%, the remaining 30% can be covered by the Recovery Premium or Pupil Premium. The NTP have an approved list of Tuition Partners that schools can choose from. Schools will be able to work with up to three chosen Tuition Partners. This flexibility gives schools the freedom to work with the agencies and tutors that they are already familiar with – or to connect with new agencies.

Why Choose Engage?

As established leaders in education recruitment and school support, we can assist schools with sourcing qualified teachers for specialist tuition and maximising the available funding to really benefit the pupils whose progress has been impacted the most. We’ve got a network of professional, experienced teachers that can deliver exceptional learning support in a variety of subject specialisms.

Just like our teachers, teaching assistants and all candidates that work with us, every single tutor that we work with has to pass our stringent compliance, background and qualification checks. We’re accredited by the REC and meet their Gold Standards and we’re a member of the CCS Education Framework – so schools can rest assured that they are getting top-quality tutors.

Where To Go Next

We’re proud to be able to offer National Tutoring Programme support to our partner schools as well as schools that we don’t currently work with. Book a consultation to talk through tutoring and funding options with our team:


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