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25th October 2018

Engage Education and STEP Partnership

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Engage Education are delighted to announce new partnership with STEP

At Engage Education, we ensure that our efforts go beyond simply finding people work; we understand the impact teaching and support staff have on raising attainment in the schools we place them in. Our Raising Attainment strategy is focused on improving the life chances of young people in primary, secondary and SEND schools. It supports young people to make good progress and develop the skills, ambition and social intelligence they need to develop as healthy and happy life-long learners.

STEP’s mission is to unlock potential through personalised physical literacy, while empowering educators to provide individualised learning to students, giving them better chance for success. We believe our values are aligned, and that’s why Engage has partnered up with the STEP team.

STEP has been described as “the most innovative intervention for raising achievement levels in children whose academic performance is in the lower quartile of the classroom”.

It is a unique programme that enhances the traditional interventions that we already offer to our schools, such as targeted numeracy, literacy, behaviour and 1-2-1 interventions.  STEP tackles the physical barriers to learning that are faced by many young people, enabling them to access quality teaching and learning that is already in place. By supporting young people with many of the learning skills they need to tackle low attainment, as well as providing specialist support staff, we believe we are uniquely positioned in the sector.

Results from the STEP Pilot Programme in 2016 showed improvements across vast areas, from wellbeing and emotional improvements to academic progress. The percentage of pupils moving from ‘below’ to ‘at’ or ‘above’ expected attainment levels increased in Maths by 70%, Reading by 86%, Spelling by 62% and English by 76%.  Not only that, there was a reduction in school challenges: pupil absence decreased, as did exclusion risks, violent outbursts and time outside of the classroom. The STEP Programme empowers both those who participate in it and those who teach it.

David Evans, Director at Engage Education highlighted the impact STEP will have in the schools we work with: “Students engaging with STEP significantly improve their attainment levels and subsequently their life chances. The STEP programme not only enhances the traditional interventions that we already offer our schools, but it also tackles many of the physical barriers to learning that are faced by pupils. The benefits of the programme are absolutely brilliant and we are all very proud to have the opportunity to support young people to make the progress they are capable of.

Lucinda Roberts-Holmes, Managing Director of STEP commented on our new partnership; “STEP is delighted to announce its partnership with Engage Education. By working together as part of the Engage Raising Attainment Strategy we are able to offer schools experienced staff with impactful toolkits ready to make a sustainable impact on pupils, classrooms. The first 15 Engage-STEP schools in London are already benefitting from our combined offering and places for the January 2019 entry point are filling rapidly. Both our organisations are passionate about realising pupil outcomes and will continue to work together to ensure that cutting-edge developments within education are made available to all our school partners.

At Engage Education, we work closely with schools to recruit a wide range of specialist support staff to ensure every pupil has the same opportunity to succeed.

Early interventions and appropriate support raise attainment and give pupils confidence and skills to learn, and we believe our new partnership with STEP will achieve this.

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