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16th April 2021

Earth Day 2021 – Lesson Ideas For Teachers

Earth Day takes place on the 20th to the 22nd of April this year. The event is supported by world leaders, businesses, charities and global organisations, united in a common goal – to grow awareness of the increasingly pressing need to address climate change and global habitat destruction.

This year, the theme of the day is Restore Our Earth, and the focus is on the green regeneration of the planet after the global pandemic. Many environmentalists believe that coronavirus has presented an opportunity to develop new ways of doing things and that it’s an important time for the planet. There are lots of fantastic ways to bring Earth Day and the importance of protecting the environment into the classroom and we’ve shared some of our favourite ideas below. Find more impactful resources for teachers on the official Earth Day website here.

It’s vital that children grow up with a sense of responsibility for the world around them. You could chose a specific focus that will appeal to your class, such as plastics in the oceans or the preservation of bees. Take the opportunity to get involved in one of the many live events happening throughout Earth Day, it’s a chance to educate your pupils on the long-term benefits of doing whatever we can to protect the environment.


Children and adults of all ages are fascinated by the sea and the creatures that live in it.  Introduce your class to uncommon deep sea life or discuss the geography of the ocean through coastal erosion features. Creating graphs of sea creature preference (for younger pupils) or prevalence in the ocean (for Secondary pupils) is just one way you can mark Earth Day across different subjects.  We found these great resources for teaching Ocean preservation in your classroom:


The intrigue of the rainforest can inspire children to learn about how oxygen replenishment works, as well as the biology of plants. There are some fantastic free Earth Day resources for teachers divided into Key Stages available here from the Rainforest Trust.


Teaching your class how important bees truly are to many other species of plant and animal is a great way to celebrate Earth Day! Bees are incredibly essential to our ecosystem and give you an opportunity to teach your class about the reliance of certain species on others.  The British Beekeeping Association have created this guide for schools on building a beehive or safe haven on your school premises along with lots of ideas and support if you want to go the whole hog and host a swarm!

Find official Earth Day resourses on Bee Conservation here


Earth Day is fantastic opportunity to bring the impact that an individual can have on their environment to your pupil’s attention. Arrange a litter pick around the playground – the only litter they will find will have been created by the school community. Making posters asking people not to drop litter around the school will drive the message home! There’s lots of ways to help heal the environment locally on KeepBritainTidy.org for both children and adults. In Secondary, use Earth Day to ask your pupils to plan an eco-friendly school trip for the future. Talking about the possibilities of environmentally aware travel is a positive way to bring the Restore Our Earth theme into your classroom.

We love these art ideas around Earth Day and environmental themes

Earth Day’s Education Resource Library

BBC & Blue Planet Collaboration

And if you need even more ideas, we’ve got a Pinterest board with hundreds of original and easy-to-plan ideas for teachers to try out on Earth Day. Make sure you follow us for the best lesson, career development and education pins around!


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