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10th January 2022

DfE Call For Retired Teachers To Return To Supply Work

One of the ways the Department Of Education is tackling the ongoing crisis of teacher shortages in schools during the pandemic is to call retired teachers back to the profession. They’ve just launched a new campaign, a ‘Call To Arms’ for those who have left teaching, either recently or in the past, to bring their experience back to classrooms to support children and learners. Whether teachers have left to join other sectors or taken retirement, there are huge opportunities for them to return to teaching on a part-time, flexible basis. The aim is to increase the pool of qualified people who can help learners to either catch-up or continue their learning uninterrupted.

Why Should Retired Teachers Consider Returning To Teaching?

Teachers may have left the profession for many reasons. For some, their own aspirations require a career change, for others, badly managed workloads and timetables made them want to take their experience to other roles. Now though, the Department For Education calls on qualified, experienced teachers to support the national effort in keeping schools open and education consistent for thousands of school children that have already suffered disrupted learning for nearly two years. There are other benefits too:

  • Opportunities to earn extra cash with flexible working
  • Work 1 day a week or 5, fitting in with other commitments or freelance work
  • Build up experience for a potential return to full-time teaching
  • Support an essential part of the countries pandemic recovery

Why Should Returning Teachers Choose An Agency?

In their campaign, the DfE specifically recommend that teachers sign up with a supply agency if they want to return to work in teaching. Agencies can manage the pre-employment checks and payment processes, making it easy for schools to secure supply staff when they need it. With COVID isolation continuing to be part of our everyday lives for the foreseeable future, the ability for schools to replace staff at short notice, without the worry of compliance or payroll complications is really beneficial. Schools can choose to hire supply staff directly but will have to manage the recruitment process independently.

How Can Engage Help?

We’re registering more returning teachers than ever, and helping them to upskill and secure supply work in a busy market. For schools, as a CCS-approved agency, we are a first point of contact when supply staff are needed, even at very short notice. We take care of all of the admin side of recruiting supply teachers, ensuring full compliance and have our own streamlined timesheet process for maximum efficiency. For returning teachers, they can be assured that they are working with one of the government’s recommended agencies for supply work, as well as take advantage of all of the other great benefits of working with us.

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