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24th March 2020

COVID-19 – How To Ensure You Are Effectively Working From Home

Over the next few weeks and months, many people who are used to working in an office environment on a daily basis could be asked to take the plunge and work from home. It’s a big transition, especially if you are used to having colleagues around to check processes or bounce ideas off.

It can be lonely and hard to keep your morale up, but here are some tips to make your time working from home fun and effective – we’ve put together Engage’s 5 golden rules for working from home.


Set some ground rules for your family or housemates

It can be tempting for your family/housemates to interrupt you – just like on the weekend, especially if your kids are home too

Make sure they understand that you are working and can’t be interrupted

Let them know when you will be taking a break so they know when they will see you

And set ground rules for yourself too – the hours you will work, where you will work, what is allowed to distract you and what isn’t (stay off Instagram!)

Create a space just for you

While it might be tempting to sit on the couch, your bed or at the dining room table – don’t! You should have a space that is just for work – not also for eating, sleeping etc

If possible, find a room where you can sit at a desk or table

If you can, get rid of the clutter, clean out the room and make it your ‘work space’

It’s a real bonus if you can shut the door and block out distractions

Treat It like a normal day

While it’s tempting to just fall out of bed, log on and spend the day in your PJs – that’s not going to make for an effective day ‘at the office’

Set yourself a start time, be clear about break times and have a defined ‘stop work and logoff’ point. Know what you need to achieve for the day!

Dress appropriately. Doesn’t have to be a suit, but dressing in ‘non weekend’ clothes will make it feel like you’re going to work

If you normally commute to work, why not spend the commuting time reading, have a nice coffee, listen to a Podcast, make a proper breakfast or use it for exercise to set yourself up for the day


Stay Connected

For some people, working from home can be quite lonely

Make sure you stay connected – use google hangouts or Zoom

Have a ‘virtual cuppa’ over hangout with your team – no work, just catching up. And because you’re not in your pyjamas, turn your camera on!

Have lunch with the family

Reach out to those colleagues you might not collaborate with as much

Give yourself a little reward time – read a book, have a nice cup of tea or chat to a friend


Remember to take breaks

Not only are regular breaks good for your mind, they’re good for your body too – especially if you’ve been sitting there typing all day. Make sure you schedule them – otherwise time will fly by and you’ll miss it

Set yourself goals and deadlines throughout the day. If you hit them, treat yourself to a break!

Give yourself a little reward time – read a book, have a nice cup of tea or chat to a friend

Maybe schedule them for when you know your family will be around…If you’re living with house mates, schedule one together so you all get to chat


We will continue to update you with further infomation and guidance throughout the next few weeks, why not follow our Twitter account to stay up to date with the latest from Engage Education?

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