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Nina Boniface
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Chris from our East Anglia office, took a trip to Canada! Here’s what he experienced:

I had a really great time in Canada working with Kate, Kelley and Lyndsay. They were extremely supportive and as well as excellent mentors in doing the job in hand. In addition, they were also excellent tour guides.

During my trip, I visited 3 University Career fairs – Weston, Brock and UBC. Each fair was different in their own way and we saw very different teachers at all. I had great conversations with lots of teachers and even met a teacher at UBC that had previously been to Norwich.

The food and drink were great. I experienced Poutine which I must say was great! Also, under Kelley and Kate’s influence, I experienced a Ceasar – well one sip anyway! Not for me but ticked it off my must do list.
I can now truly appreciate how vast Canada is and how each place was so different. The culture almost changes between City’s which I found interesting.

I certainly feel that by attending the fairs, I have a greater understanding of the backgrounds of the teachers and also the questions they ask us at these fairs. It will help me to build a stronger relationship with them. I will also be passing this onto my team.

I feel I am now able to relate to the teachers by understanding where they come from a little more. Having seen 4 places in Canada, teachers that I speak to from these areas, in particular, I am able to relate this to the areas I recruit for e.g. similarities and differences in these places.

I learnt a lot more about the roles of the TAC team. I feel it was a great experience to help at the career fairs and to see the first step in the recruitment process. I also think the ladies learnt a lot about my role and how I work. In addition, I feel that I have built much stronger relationships with Kate, Lyndsay and Kelley. I am sure this will help in the future.

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