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1st February 2022

Children And Young People’s Mental Health – CPD For Teachers

It’s common knowledge that children have suffered significantly during the pandemic. The isolation of lockdown and the disruption of normal routine has had a significant impact not just on the attainment but also on the mental health of children from nursery right up to adulthood.

As a teacher, it’s vital to get clued up on mental health, how to spot the signs of issues arising and how to deal with or signpost, pupils (and colleagues!) to support.

If you are registered with us, you’ll have access to Creative Education’s library of CPD. Their platform is loaded with hundreds of interesting, useful short and long courses on wide-ranging subjects and all our candidates get free access (forever!) to their entire catalogue. Here, in honour of Children’s Mental Health week, we’ve shared some of the top children and young people’s mental health courses available to take now.


Introducing A Brand New Perk For Our Candidates

Teacher Development – How To Track Your Growth Over Time

Why Professional Development Is Important For Teacher Retention

Mental Health CPD Courses for Teachers

Pupil Mental Health – When To Worry And What To Do Next

Covering an introduction to basic mental health knowledge in the classroom

Spot The Warning Signs Of Poor Mental Health

Highlighting warning signs of poor mental health in young people and when and when not to worry.

Meeting The Mental Health Needs Of Children from Ethnic Minority Backgrounds

This short course covers the mental health challenges and needs of BAME children and young people in the classroom

Working Together with Parents & Carers of Children with Mental Health Issues

Simple ideas for helping parents and guardians to manage children’s mental health issues


Meeting The Mental Health Needs Of Children With SEND

Children with additional need can suffer from mental health concerns in different ways – this course covers ways to identify and support children in SEND.

Create a Truly Inclusive Environment Where Children with Special Needs Can Thrive

Course covering how to promote an inclusive environment where children of all abilities can succeed

Leading Change: Having an Impact from the Bottom up and the Top Down

Covering how to motivate and inspire staff to be part of your schools approach to positive wellbeing

COVID and Child Mental Health – What Do Children Need Now?

The pandemic’s effect on mental health in young people and how we can begin to mitigate the damage


Provide A Whole School Mental Health Offer in Primary School

This course gives practical ways to create a whole-school offering to support mental health in the classroom and the staffroom.

How Mentally Healthy is your Setting? Auditing your Current Provision and Practice

A short course aimed at mental health leads looking to review mental health provision in education settings

Developing a Whole School Wellbeing Strategy at Tregolls School

Case study of the successful implementation of a wellbeing policy in a mainstream school.


Looking after your own mental health comes first. We know that teachers are struggling with workloads, time management and home life balance – if you are struggling, even if it’s just a niggling worry, reaching out to a friend, colleague or mentor could prevent temporary worries turning into bigger burnouts. If you need a confidential ear, Education Support provide a helpline for teachers and educators to turn to – call them on 08000 526 561 . Or try this course – Meeting Your Mental Health Needs As A Teacher

Not Got Access To High-Quality CPD?

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