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We are Engage• 3 Min read

25th October 2022

Celebrating black achievements this Black History Month

October marks Black History Month in the UK. Black History Month is not only about reflecting on the slave trade but about celebrating the contributions of black communities and individuals in shaping the dynamic and diverse country we have today.

Black people have been an integral part of Britain and have made massive contributions to making Britain what it is today. They have made a massive contribution to our thriving economy with black people keeping the nation moving after World War II by aiding in the transport, domestic and hospitality industries. One of the biggest areas in which black people have contributed to the UK is through its health service. Mary Seacole and Africanus Horton are only some of the names who have made a big impact on our health service.

Black History Month is a time for both adults and children to gain a broader understanding of black history that is not just tied down to racism and slavery but also to spotlight black achievement. Here are some ways to incorporate Black History Month into your lessons:

Celebrate the achievements of black figures

Challenge your students to conduct their own research on a famous black figure and put together a fact file or use drama to role-play key events.

Quote or fact of the day

Greet your students every morning with a new quote or fact that is relevant to black history. After this, you can open a discussion with your students to talk about the relevance of this quote or fact.

Use resources which include black people and their story

It’s easy to use old storybooks in your reading corner but this month can be the month where you assess that your lists of texts are inclusive and discover more diverse resources for your classroom. Puffin has lists of books for teaching black history along with empowering stories.

Discuss the BLM Movement

Black History Month is a time to focus on parts of history which are often overlooked but with the recent BLM movement in the past few years, it’s important to discuss how these events are also history in the making. This month is a good opportunity to make sure your students have had a chance to understand what is happening and why.


Although Black History Month is a great opportunity to take note of the achievements and contributions black people have made to the social, economic and cultural development of the UK, it’s also important to also integrate black history more deeply into the curriculum and teach it throughout the year. 

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