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23rd January 2020

Celebrating Australian Teachers this Australia Day

Celebrating our Australian teachers this Australia day

This Australia day, we’d like to celebrate the contribution that Australian teachers have made to Engage, and the entire British education system.

At Engage, we’ve placed a whopping 1,165 Australian teachers into British schools, helping us to remedy the teacher-short market in the UK while providing British schoolchildren with a more global and diverse education. Australian teachers make a huge impact in British schools, and likewise, the experience of teaching in England makes a big difference to Australian teachers.

Many teachers who fly to the UK from Australia do so via the 10,250 mile journey from New South Wales to London – that’s just under half the circumference of the earth! We’re grateful to each and every Australian teacher who makes the journey, whether they stay for a term, a year, or permanently.

We’d also like to thank the fantastic team in our Australian office, without whom many of our Australian teachers would have been unable to make the leap to teaching in England. The Australian team is always on hand with advice, information and support for Australian teachers who are interested in (or in the process of) moving to England to teach.

Of course, the last few months have been dominated by news of the wildfires which have eviscerated large parts of Australia, thanks to wind and drought. Tomorrow, Engage Partners is hosting a fundraiser to donate money to the Australian Wildfire Relief Fund, who will distribute all funds raised to local charities providing people and animals affected by the fires long-term support where they need it. You can donate to our JustGiving page here.

Your support network in the UK

At Engage, we do our best to help you connect with our other Australian and Kiwi teachers in England – people who can show you how to settle in, and where all the best bars are! We’ll also give you a £1000 relocation bonus over your first year to help you find your feet in your new home.

When you register with Engage, you’re helping your education career to flourish, while benefiting from all the support we have to offer.

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