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12th June 2020

Celebrate Teachers this Public Service Day

June 23rd is Public Service Day, which was established in 2002 by the United Nations, so it has some pretty heavy support! The day is designed to recognise the hard work done by the work of public service workers, such as firefighters, nurses, social workers, refuse collectors — and, of course teachers.

Each member state of the UN in encouraged to use the day to celebrate and highlight public service through special organised events, and to inspire young people to pursue careers in the public sector.

How can we celebrate Public Service Day in schools?

In the classroom

Take the opportunity to talk about public service workers in your classroom. Ask if pupils have public service workers in their families, run an exercise that asks pupils to list all the types of public service work they can think of, or ask if they have ever considered a future career in the public sector.

For the whole school

See if you can arrange an assembly at your school to celebrate and discuss the importance of public service workers in your community. Consider inviting a selection of public service workers to your school. This could include a firefighter, a midwife, a policeman or even a teacher from another school, discussing how their work helps the community.

In the community

In the weekends around Public Service Day, you can arrange a weekend activity with your school, or let families know of any celebrations that are happening in the community. Schools can work with other public service providers to set up their own events over the weekend to celebrate public service work and encourage young people to learn more about their possible future careers in a fun way.

At Engage, we welcome to opportunity to celebrate teachers and public services in every industry. We’d love to hear how you’re choosing to celebrate Public Service Day this week.

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