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17th June 2021

Candidate Satisfaction Survey May 2021 – Results!

We know that the only way to know if we are truly doing a great job for our schools and candidates is by regularly carrying out feedback surveys.  Reading your feedback tells us first-hand exactly what’s working for teachers, and what we need to work on. We’re proud of the results of our most recent survey – see how we did below, and find out about our plans for creating an even better service for all the educators and support staff in our global network.

The teaching and education landscape changes all the time – no more so than during past year. Our customer service team has worked hard to keep in touch, make sure you are subscribed to our fortnightly newsletter for regular teaching and education content, high-quality CPD recommendations and dates of our big recruitment events. We also regularly update our blog, The Reading Corner, with teaching-focused articles, from Virtual Field Trip Ideas to in-depth guides for teachers on Bursary and Training Framework Changes

It’s crucial to our mission statement that we provide the absolute best support available to teachers and schools looking for recruitment solutions. Our Partnership and Development team are dedicated to providing great personal and career development support to our candidates. Our consultants are available to answer any question that pops up, and we are working to support great mental health for teachers through our partnership with Education Support.

With nearly 15 years in the industry, we’ve continually developed and streamline our recruitment process. From registration to long beyond your first day, we want your experience joining and working with us to be as smooth as possible. We perform full compliance checks on every single candidate – so that our partner schools know they are getting a qualified, dedicated teacher. There’s always room for improvement, and this year we are working on even more efficient registration for candidates at home and abroad.

Teachers talk to each other – and we want to be the first agency you’d recommend. We were pleased that over 90% of you that answered our survey would recommend us to a colleague. We’re working on getting the recommendation of the other 9% – by improving our internal processes and extending our network of partner schools.

Recognising Great Work

Our consultants are at the heart of what we do. They build relationships with teachers across the world and secure work for hundreds of UK based educators. Many of you told us about individual consultants that have really stood out to you and we always make sure to pass your great feedback directly to them! Here’s just a selection of some of the comments about our awesome team, we’ll be sharing more over on our Facebook page.

Overall, we are very pleased with the results of our most recent survey. We’ll continue to strive to offer the most effective, comprehensive recruitment service for teachers and support staff looking to come and teach in the UK from all over the world. If you want to let us know more about how we can improve our service, you can contact us here.

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