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7th July 2021

Bubbles Bursting: Changes To School Regulations


The Department For Education have now released new COVID-19 guidance for schools, outlining the way that restrictions will be lifted from school settings during the course of the summer break. It confirms several anticipated changes such as from the 19th July, face-coverings will no longer be required or recommended for teachers or pupils in school or on transport to school. Testing forms an important part of the plan too – if your school needs additional staff to support testing, for Summer School Provisions or in September, we’ve got professional, fully compliant staff ready to start – drop us an email today!

Read the full guidance from DfE

It’s the news teachers have been waiting for, the official end of bubbles in schools is in sight. Gavin Williamson announced yesterday that bubbles will no longer be necessary in schools after the 19th July and while the change comes too late for many private and independent schools, who will have finished the term by then, it’s come as a real relief to parents and school communities. The logistics of a significant change so close to the end of term means many schools will keep bubbles in place for timetable reasons for the last few days of term. There will be no requirement for Summer Schools to implement a bubble system – meaning many will be able to run at full capacity this summer – great news for parents who want their offspring to spend time away from a computer screen this summer!

Last week (28th June – 2nd July) up to 640,000 pupils were absent due to isolation rules, which state that a positive test in the bubble means every member should isolate. Despite PCR testing, pupils were obliged to stay off school for the full duration of their isolation period, leading to entire year groups missing days in the classroom and taking part in fragmented online learning. We know teachers and schools have been doing their absolute best to provide the best education they can in difficult circumstances, so this news will come as a welcome relief to next years teaching staff.

What Else Do We Know?

There’s a lot more information on the way – we know that testing could play a part in the return to schools without bubbles depending on the COVID statistics over the summer.

How ARE WE Supporting Teachers?

As ever, we are here to support our candidates as they navigate the changing regulations and schools take another step towards a return to normality. We are working with schools and the Department Of Education to ensure teachers are protected and supported and that any risk to them is appropriately managed. We’re hiring more support staff, intervention specialists and cleaning and maintenance staff than ever before, to support teachers in their roles and create the most supportive and safe learning environment. We continue to partner with Education Support, who advocate great teacher mental health and wellbeing. Their helpline is just one of the ways teachers can access direct support – find out more here.

How Are We Supporting Schools?

Our teams are working with our partner schools to prepare for a fantastic September. From hiring talented teachers to helping schools make the most of their apprentice levy and other funding opportunities, we are doing everything it takes to give schools the best start possible in September. We are hiring testers and intervention staff for schools ready for the new school year, and our virtual recruitment events help schools reduce the time and resources they need to spend on hiring.

We’re staying on top of current events and guidance for schools – follow us on twitter for all the latest.

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