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27th July 2020

5 Summer Holiday Essentials For Teachers

How will our teachers be spending their summer holidays? We think we might have heard the collective sigh of relief from here as the term came to an end – with 7 weeks out of the classroom ahead, we thought we would share a list of our top recommendations for the summer break.


The end of term signals the perfect time to treat your mind and body to some downtime.. Time away from the classroom and work in general is essential for maintaining good mental health – teachers work-life balance is already a juggling act and we know many of our teachers are looking forward to a period of relaxation!  Reading (For fun!), getting outside, spending time with family and friends or taking up a wellbeing-based hobby such as meditation or aromatherapy can have a significant impact on how positively you approach September.


With travel to foreign places offering increased pricing and no guarantee that a local lockdown won’t affect your return, it’s a great summer to explore the UK and everything it has to offer! There’s a fantastic list of beautiful places to visit in the UK here.


If you are stuck inside because of the weather, there are some fun ideas that can be done at home on our Big List Of Lockdown Activities.


Making the most of your times doesn’t have to mean weeks laying in the sun (although that sounds great!)  It’s also a good opportunity to spend some time working on professional development. Our team can help you with building your CV, interview prep and getting ready to face September with a fresh outlook on your career – read more about our Partnership & Development team here


As the global situation evolves, schools will always be at the forefront of the discussion as they play such a vital role in every young person’s life. It’s difficult to predict exactly what is going to change over the next few weeks. We are all looking forward to a return to normality in September, when the focus will be on welcoming pupils back to school life and working towards closing the attainment gap

Make sure to keep up to date with any changes. If you have a new teaching position for Autumn, be sure to review the schools safety and hygiene policies before you start!



Although rest and relaxation should be at the top of every teacher’s to-do list, planning for September will make the transition back to school life easier when the start of term rolls around! Our teachers have told us that their planning usually involves mapping out the first few weeks of lessons for the start of term; looking at data for their new class and prepping seating plans,  groups and ensuring your subject leadership files are up to date. Teachers will find that this year, there is extra planning to account for, with COVID-19 recovery being at the forefront of everyone’s minds.  At Engage, we are working with schools to plan an effective intervention that maximises government funding – find out more about our tuition and intervention programmes here


Whatever your plans over the summer holidays, we hope everyone in education has a fantastic break. If you are looking for a new role, get in touch one of our consultants who can help you to plan the teaching career of your dreams!

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